How do i get around this blue screen problem ?

  ronlin 09:40 26 Jul 2011

When i switch my laptop on it begins to go through the start up procedure then all i get is a bue screen no words just a solid blue screen ,and this hangs and nothing else happens , is this because windows is not starting up corectly and what can i do to stop this happening .

  birdface 09:59 26 Jul 2011

Is it the same in safe mode.

  carver 10:07 26 Jul 2011

Might be an idea to give some one a clue as to make/ model of laptop, how old it is.

Little things like that some times help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:47 26 Jul 2011

Operating system? W7 / Vista / XP?

  ronlin 12:31 26 Jul 2011

Operating system vista premium 32 bit , its an asus X5DIJ series abot 3 years old ,when i start it in safe mode its ok and then i restart its ok again , i also get a screen telling me ; Eror loading c/users/ron/app data ux/pukogibuxidet.dll this specific module couldnt be found . hope that all helps thanks .

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:36 26 Jul 2011

I suggest you scan for malware / viruses that's a pretty weird message nothing on google for pukogibuxidet.dll

  ronlin 17:09 26 Jul 2011

Thanks for that FB , have done a scan and its coming out clean .

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 26 Jul 2011

Search - type msconfig - look in the start up tab for a program may be giving this message.

  ronlin 18:46 26 Jul 2011

HI again FB , ive done that and found = Khociqasunut , which looks dodgy so ive stopped that and also stopped panda cloud which could be the puk in data ux/strong textpukogibuxidet.dll , lets hope ive cracked it thanks again.

  ronlin 11:10 27 Jul 2011

Well FB its starting all over again , the laptop starts up then on comes a solid blue screen , ive tried most things but its still not sorted , so im going to do a full backup and then a full restore back to shop settings .

  birdface 11:17 27 Jul 2011

Have you tried device manager to see if any yellow exclamation marks beside any of your drivers.

If it works ok in safe mode there can't be that much wrong with it.

[Thanks for that FB , have done a scan and its coming out clean .]

Have you used the likes of Malwarebytes or did you just use an anti-virus.

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