How do I fully Remove AOL?

  southpaw 11:00 08 Apr 2005


I will shortly be leaving AOL due to their poor service lately.

I've heard and read many discussions regarding removing AOL and many say its a nightmare to fully get rid of AOL off your PC. I don't really wanna reformat my PC so is it possible to get rid of it all easily??

Thanks in advance.

  pj123 11:08 08 Apr 2005
  pj123 11:12 08 Apr 2005

To see more go to Google and type in "aol removal"

  iambeavis 11:37 08 Apr 2005

Don't forget the AOL folder in C:\Program Files\Common Files.

  Indigo 1 12:02 08 Apr 2005

AOL does an extremely good job of keeping your PC free from vius's, Trojans, Worms, Spyware and nearly all Malware. So you will also need to get to grips with doing all this yourself once you have ridded yourself of the AOL beastie.

I am not an AOL user nor am I an AOL fan but after comparing my headaches relating to Malware, to my friends who use AOL and who don't get anywhere near the same amount of problems (infact they have none at all), then I would recommend you stick with it (problems are minimal).

  pj123 15:53 08 Apr 2005

I may be inclined to go with Indigo 1. I have two computers. This one is on NTL Broadband via a set top box. The other one is on AOL dialup on special offer for a year at £12.99 per month. It runs out in May this year. I have asked them if they would consider offering me another 12 months at the same price but the answer was NO.

So I am in the same boat as you now. I like AOL and have had no problems with them at all. Whether you are on dialup or BB there are no cap limits and the helpline is a freephone number.

I still believe AOL is probably the best ISP going at the moment. By threatening to leave I think they will come up with a deal which I will accept. They told me to ring them nearer the time when my contract runs out, which I will do.

  Indigo 1 13:14 09 Apr 2005

pj123 has made a good point, try contacting AOL and letting them know of your dissatisfaction and your intentions to leave due to poor service, in my experience reputable companies will bend over backwards to give you the best service and support once they realise you are unhappy, they may even be able to offer you a 'sweetener' or special offer for you to stay.

  southpaw 17:57 09 Apr 2005

Hi guys

Thanks for all the responses. I've spoken to AOL and cancelled today.

No offers were made. Although I was informed how amazing their "Keyword" system was.

I argued that that was all and well but when AOL keeps disconnecting or taking ages (something which has been a constant problem recently) to get on line a "Keyword" is no good to me!

Although strangely now that I've cancelled I've just got on line immediately and haven't been disconnected yet (fingers crossed). Now I was suspicious that this could have been a scam to get me to switch to Broadband and so far my access has dramatically improved.

I have a few weeks left before my subsciption ends so I will wait and see but now I'm looking for a BB provider at a good rate.

Tiscali at £19.99 for 2Mb looks the best so far only pity is the 15 limit.

Thanks again all.

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