How do I free up more hard drive space

  erkmatrix 12:09 29 Apr 2005

Hi I was doing some digital art the other week and noticed it said my disk space was getting low, well i couldn't believe this as last time I checked i had heaps, I have a 120GB hard drive and only had 4GB left, I do work with some huge files like 180MB ones with my art so did have a few of them and I did save quite a few image stages of my art so I could easily get rid of them, I thought best thing to do was buy an extra external hard drive, so I got a 120GB external hard drive, sorted out all my files and put them all on there, I deleted all my art files and music files of my hard drive and have everything I need on my external now, so thought it would free up some space and it has but theres still 26.3 GB been used by something, I have software like Photoshop and Reason 2.5, Fruityloops and Microsoft office, thats it, My hard drive must be cluttered with crap software that I am not needing.But still shouldn't add up to 26 gb should it. Is there any way of getting rid of everything that is just cluttering my disk space, I don't want to start deleted everything I see incase its needed.


  GroupFC 12:20 29 Apr 2005

You could try this click here to see what is taking up the space. I've not used it myself but have seen it recommended here before.

  gudgulf 12:21 29 Apr 2005

As a first step run windows own Disc cleanup utility.......from My Computer right click you hard drive and select properties.Then select the Disk Cleanup button.That will shift a few things.Now download and run ccleaner click here and CleanUp click here which between them can shift an amazing amount of junk.When you have tried this check again how much space you have left.If it's still less than you expect to have post back.

  Belatucadrus 12:24 29 Apr 2005

Start off ccleaner click here to clean out temp files and junk, then use Sequoiaview click here it gives a nice graphic treeview of what's on your drive, so you can pin down the main space hogs. Then item by item, decide what you want to do with it, ie delete, burn to CD or zip it as an archive click here

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