How Do I Format DVD +RW Discs?

  PAE 11:43 03 Feb 2004

I have an Optorite 2001 burner. I am using Magix Video 2.0 Plus to put some of my holiday videos onto disc. The problem I have is that it says that there is data on the disc but the disc is new. Do I need to format the disc and if so how? I cannot find any means of formatting. The burner came without software. All suggestions gratefully received.

  Mike ® 11:59 03 Feb 2004

Not familiar with Magix Video 2.0 Plus, but you usually only have to format dvd's if you are going to use packet writing software such as Nero incd.

Are you trying to produce something that will play in a stand-alone dvd player and what format are the original files in?

Do you have any other dvd writing software?

  scotty 13:05 03 Feb 2004

One possibility is that the DVD creation software in Magix video 2 is in conflict with other burning software on your pc. I know Roxio software can cause such a problem (and I thing XP uses Roxio as its built-in burning software).

Two possible things to try:

Disable the other burning programmes before using Magix;

Use Magix to create DVD content on the hard drive and use other burning program to create DVD.

  PAE 14:07 03 Feb 2004

Re my original question; do I not have to format DVD RWs; how do I delete unwanted files? I am using RWs as test beds until I get the video right and then I intend to put them on to DVD Rs.

Roxio. Doing a search came up with at least 20 files/folders with that name but I can account for some of them as I use their Photo Editing Software.

I have found out finally how to copy to Hard drive as AVI or MPEG. Problem now is which codec for AVI or which level for MPEG (1,2,3 or 4). Any Ideas?

I am looking to produce copies of family videos that can be played on domestic DVD player.

  Smiler 14:50 03 Feb 2004

I take it you mean the Optorite dd0201 as shown here

click here

Hve a look here click here for how to copy files to dvd.

  scotty 16:17 03 Feb 2004

Does Magix Video 2.0 support the create of DVDs?

You do not just copy video files on to a DVD as this will not create a DVD playable in a domestic DVD player.

This is another excellent source of info click here

  PAE 09:57 04 Feb 2004

Got it sorted. I converted within Magix to MPEG4 files and then used U Lead Movie factory to further convert and write to DVD.

A long way round considering Magix has its own burner programme.

Thanks again

  JerryJay 10:09 04 Feb 2004

You need to have MPEG2 file which is highest quality if you want to play your DVD on stand DVD Players. MPEG4's qulity is not as good as MPEG2 but with smaller file size and you can send by internet.

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