How do I find a volume label

  charlton200 08:42 19 Jul 2007


I am trying to convert my external hard drive from fat32 to ntfs.
I need to find the volume label of my external hard drive (f). I have right clicked and then properties but do not see it.
It will not change if i don't put this value in .
How do i find it please.

thank you.

  Technotiger 08:47 19 Jul 2007

Volume label is what is shown under the drive icon in My Computer.

  jack 08:48 19 Jul 2007

These are typings of my thoughts
normallt when formatting a machine you asked to give the drive a label and subsequently it is shown on the BIOS or in Fdsk.
So when formatting an external drive the window should give the existing label- and this is the one you enter - I think, or if the line is blank make one up- such as Charltons disk

  Technotiger 09:04 19 Jul 2007

I got up too early this morning - ignore my nonsense above.

To find Volume Label ...

Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt then type in as follows ...


  ventanas 09:05 19 Jul 2007

It's what the drive is called, usually something like Local Disk or C Drive. Just have a look in explorer.
First there will be the drive icon, and last you will see (C:). In between will be stated the name (volume label) of the drive.

  Technotiger 09:05 19 Jul 2007

Sorry - I should have added, replace C for whichever drive letter you want the label for, I think this is "F" in your case.

  Technotiger 09:09 19 Jul 2007

Think I'll cancel today and go back to bed :-))

  charlton200 09:09 19 Jul 2007

does that find the volume label of F drive for me.
Or do i have to put it when it asks for it after i put the first bit of code in please.

Convertf:fs:ntfs than enter

thats when I have to put the volume code for f drive in.

Thank you

  ventanas 09:13 19 Jul 2007

The wording is

conconvert f: /fs:ntfs

click here

  cream. 09:30 19 Jul 2007

No con in it:)


convert f: /fs:ntfs

  cream. 09:32 19 Jul 2007

" thats when I have to put the volume code for f drive in. "

Unless you have named the drive yourself

ie smething like " charlton200 external drive "

You just press enter for a volume name, as it has no name.

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