How do I find thumbs.db file?

  Neill 21:31 12 Feb 2007

I know what they are (and how to switch them off) but how do I search for them? The Search in XP Explorer even with all the Advanced settings on, doesn't see them. This is a problem with ECDL classes where the students have to count files in a folder. Their answer is wrong because of thumbs.db appearing.

  SANTOS7 21:38 12 Feb 2007

open a command window and run C:\del /s /q Thumbs.db

that will delete them..

you can stop Thumbs.db from breeding any more: from the Folder Options dialog, simply tick "Do not cache thumbnails.

  SANTOS7 21:41 12 Feb 2007

Click the Start button
Select Control Panel (or Settings, then Control Panel)
Select Folder Options
Click the View tab
Check Do not cache thumbnails
Click the Apply button
Click the OK button

Now you can search your computer for thumbs.db files and remove them:

Click the Start button
Click Search (or Find)
Click All files and folders
In the All or part of the file name box type Thumbs.db
Set the Look in pull-down menu to 'All Local Hard Drives' or just the one drive you wish to search
Click Search
A list of the files found appears in the right window
Go to the Edit tab at the top and click Select All
Hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

explained a bit better here,good luck..

  Neill 22:43 12 Feb 2007

I know the little devils are there because I saw loads as I copied files to my flash drive.
Tried the DOS command on the D:\ drive and all I got was "Could not find D:\thumbs.db" as if it was only looking the root directory and not any sub folders. What should /s /q do?
Then tried your second method (as I had initially) and none were found again.
I know they are there as when I zip files they appear in the WinZip screen but not in the Explorer screen. Odd really.

  rodriguez 22:53 12 Feb 2007

Thumbs.db are hidden system files and are automatically generated when the view in a picture folder is set to View Thumbnails. They have small JPEG images of the pictures in that folder embedded in them, so that when the folder is next loaded it doesn't have to read all the pictures again. When you perform your search for them, make sure system and hidden files are selected under the Advanced tab (you may have already done this) but also make sure that Windows is set to show hidden and system files. On my machine, it's set to show all files (shows hidden files, and doesn't hide protected operating system files) and then when I do the search for Thumbs.db they all show up. You might have already tried this, but it;s just a suggestion.

  philonp 00:09 13 Feb 2007

if you want to delete those thumbs files then try
typing annihilator thumbs.db in google.

  Neill 15:08 13 Feb 2007

Annihalator worked but Search did too if I changed to Show all files in Tools, Folder Options which I hadn't. Thanks all

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