How do I find out who sent an e-mail from Hotmail

  jumpingjoe 22:01 10 Sep 2004

Someone sent an anonymous e-mail to my work today from a Hotmail address that could get me in a lot of trouble. I just got promoted and the guy who was also going for the job was very upset so he's the main suspect. I must prove it was him or i may get sacked HELP

  fitshase 22:21 10 Sep 2004

I would contact Hotmail themselves if you have a grievance as that e-mail may contravene their terms and conditions for use.



  Valvegrid 22:27 10 Sep 2004

I obviously don't know your circumstances, but I manage a department in a large organisation, if I received an anonymous email incriminating someone, I would ignore it and delete it. Because it's anonymous the facts of the allagation can't be verified. I don't think there's an easy way to identify the sender, even looking at the email source will only tell you what you already know, that it came from Hotmail and its route, unless there's any criminal act, I don't think there's much you can do.

  end 23:57 10 Sep 2004

how many people other than you at work know about this message?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:31 11 Sep 2004

Unless there is a criminal act in the email there will be no protection etc. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can get a Hotmail addy with little proof of veracity. Delete it and forget it.


  jumpingjoe 10:25 11 Sep 2004

No, there has been no criminal act committed by myself. I broke a sporting rule and the e-mailer sent links from articles to all the managers and directors of my company & larger group of companies. I need to trace the source so i can prove malicious intent as I think this is the only way I can get my job back

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:37 11 Sep 2004

You need to see a solicitor, quickly.


  Valvegrid 14:25 11 Sep 2004

As Mr G says, speak to a solicitor, or if you are a member of a trades union, speak to your representative.

Like I said before, they would be very unwise to sack you on the grounds of an anonymous email, regardless of what links are on it, because its your right to confront the author and you can't. Sending anonymous emails of this sort are the act of a coward and as far as I'm concerned it would be destined straight for the waste bin, without touching the sides.

Believe me, if they want to sack you there are far easier ways ;-)

  end 19:29 11 Sep 2004

as I understand it, there are ways of establishing exactly which machine and where the e mail was sent from and, logically, as only one person should have acccess to that e mail address, who that person is;and this may also be an abuse of e mail "privilege"; I suggest that the person whoever they are, has commmitted an offense themselves by their very act of sending the e mail to you.

as suggested above, you need to see a solicitor and a union rep for starters:)

  wee eddie 22:28 11 Sep 2004

Signing up for an Hotmail address takes only a matter of moments. One can remain, effectively, anonymous behind such an address, and cannot be exposed without considerable clout, possibly at Security Services level.

Britain's current Employment Legislation on the dismissal of Employees: There are a rigorous set of rules/formula's to be followed. If these are not followed, to the letter, then you have the right to go to a Tribunal and may either be reinstated or compensated. If you are judged to be partly or wholly responsible for your dismissal, then a set of diminishing returns is invoked.

  VoG II 22:32 11 Sep 2004

Which sport? This may or may not be relevant. Get a lawyer anyway.

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