How do i find out what MOBO i have?

  K.H 20:16 11 Feb 2004

Hi all

As the subject say's, how do i do it?



  AubreyS 20:20 11 Feb 2004

This will tell you all you need to know. click here

  K.H 20:20 11 Feb 2004


Taking a look now...



  K.H 20:30 11 Feb 2004

OK, thanks that worked, however i now do not have a clue what the website of the manufacturer of my mobo is - GVC MR825 D01, thats what the Belarc program tells me it is.

Does any one know?

GVC MR825 D01



  AubreyS 20:34 11 Feb 2004

Its amazing what a quick search in Google reveals....

click here

  AubreyS 20:35 11 Feb 2004

And the webiste is...

click here

  K.H 20:37 11 Feb 2004

You are one helpful guy.. Thanks!

Checking them both out now



  K.H 21:00 11 Feb 2004

I am wanting to upgrade my CPU from an 'Intel Celeron 1.1GHz' to an 'Intel Celeron 2.4GHz'.

With the motherboard earlier on in the thread, do you think this upgrade is possible?



  AubreyS 21:17 11 Feb 2004

Thanks for the nice comment. I didn't do anything that anyone else couldn't do. Like I said earlier, It's amazing what you can find out just by putting the info into Google. It may be easier and cheaper by upgrading your motherboard and processor. Maplins sometimes do offers on both as a bundle. Good luck.

  K.H 22:17 12 Feb 2004

Ah, right thanks for that info.

Ill have a scout now.



  DieSse 22:37 12 Feb 2004

Just to make it clear (though AubreyS hinted at it) - it isn't possible to upgrade just your processor. P4s are totally different beasts to your PIII-type Celeron.

Not only a different motherboard, but you will also want different RAM (to take advantage of the extra speed) - and probably need a larger PSU also.

Also note that there are two types of P4 from 2.4GHz and upwards - the older type with a 533MHx bus, and the newer "C" type with an 800MHz bus and Hyperthreading. The newer type also requires a suitable motherboard to support the improved features.

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