how do i find my server name

  mad1234 20:40 10 Mar 2007

i have just installed a wireless & wired(combined)network with 3 pcs(1 i have as a server) & 1 printer. i have a program which i want to automatically save it's data to the server. the thing is it is asking me for the server name( & i don't know what it is. can anyone please tell me how to find out it's name?

  Terry Brown 20:46 10 Mar 2007

The server name is the name of the internet provider, you can find out the address by the following method.
I assume you are using XP.

From RUN enter CMD and press enter. This brings up a black dos box. enter at the curser IPCONFIG. this will give you the configuration of your network server, on the assumption that you actually have a internet connection.

  mad1234 20:56 10 Mar 2007

yes i am running xp on 2 of the pc's & on the third which i am using as a server has freenas on it, i also have a broadband connection
i had assumed the program was asking for the pc server name not my internet server name

  silverous 22:03 10 Mar 2007

What is the program and in what context is it asking for this? The server could be a DNS server, ftp server, NAS server anything. We need to know what it is trying to do before advising which server to input.

  mad1234 22:14 10 Mar 2007

ok the program is Tekla Structures(xsteel) & i am trying to setup multiuser mode on it using the freenas pc to store the files to be shared by other pc's so more than 1 person can work on the same project. i have Tekla structures installed on all the pc's using xp & when i try to install the multi user software it asks for my server name.i assumed this was the name of the pc with freenas on it.

  Stuartli 23:19 10 Mar 2007

Not something I'm familiar with, but it may be looking for the local host IP i.e.

  silverous 23:33 10 Mar 2007

OK. What name is the freenas box running under? It sounds like that is the server it is looking for although I'd expect you to also have to point the pcs to a path on the server where the files are, not just a server name.

Are you sure the multiuser version doesn't require some kind of server component of this product (Tekla) to be running on it? That would then explain why it only needs the server name and not a path.

If it just needed to store files with no central server cokmponent of Tekla I'd expect it to be asking for a path to those files which could be X:\mysharedfiles if X was mapped to the freenas.

  mad1234 16:24 11 Mar 2007

i will try both your suggestions tomorrow when i get back to work & let you know how it goes

  mad1234 12:11 13 Mar 2007

after speaking to a guy in the know about tekla structures i found that it was asking for the complete computer name of the pc with freenas on it. did that & it is working fine now.
thanks for your time guys!

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