How do I find D drive in ’Send to’, options?

  pcbobby 15:55 22 Sep 2005

In a follow on from a thread this morning: How to burn a CD in XP.

I would like to chose the photos, then select, Send To: D drive. (to burn).

But in the, Send To, menu, I have only four choices. 1. Floppy A. 2. Desk Top. 3. Mail Recipient., and 4. My Documents.
There are no other options. Yet, from more learned than I, it appears that it can be done!

Please, how do I find D drive in the, SEND TO: menu?

  rawprawn 16:00 22 Sep 2005

Start/All Programs/Send to Options/Manage Send To Menu/Add D:

  BurrWalnut 16:01 22 Sep 2005

Start, Run and type sendto.

Then File, New, Shortcut and browse/select the D drive.

  pcbobby 16:16 22 Sep 2005

Thank you, rawprawn and BurrWalnut.
I shall have a go after tea and report back.

  ened 16:52 22 Sep 2005

but did you miss something out?

I am using XPpro and there is no such entry in All Programs

  ventanas 16:56 22 Sep 2005

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Sendto. Put a shortcut to your D drive in here.

  IPA 17:14 22 Sep 2005

Go to My Computer, right click drive D, select Properties/Recording and put a tick in the Enable cd recording box then apply.

  woodchip 17:58 22 Sep 2005

AS nobody seams to be pointing you in the right direction. Open Windows Explorer, Click + by Documents and Settings, Click your name, you should now see in the right column Send To folder, "right click the D drive" in the left column and drag onto Send To folder choose create shortcut

  IPA 18:08 22 Sep 2005

On my pc send to folder is not where you suggest.

  lotvic 18:15 22 Sep 2005

Add to the 'Send To' Menu click here "The Send To menu is simply a folder. Put a shortcut in the folder, and it will be on the menu. You can right-drag a file or folder to the Send To folder and select Create Shortcut(s) Here to put a shortcut to that item on the menu, too (see FIGURE 1).

So where is the Send To folder? In Windows 9 x and Me, the folder path is C:\Windows\SendTo. In Windows 2000 and XP, the path is C:\Documents and Settings\ username\SendTo, where username is your user name for the computer.

In Windows 2000, Me, and XP, Send To is a hidden folder. To view hidden folders, open Windows Explorer, select Tools, Folder Options, click the View tab, select Show hidden files and folders, and click OK. "

From microsoft Knowledge base click here

  rawprawn 18:22 22 Sep 2005

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