how do I FDISK from Win 2K

  canalaholic 15:55 10 Apr 2003

Just added a second hdd to a Win 2K machine as secondary master. It is auto detected correctly in the BIOS but does not show in explorer etc. I know I need to FDISK and format but I need to get at it first....How? Primary hdd shows as C, primary slave is CDRom (D). The cmd prompt rejects fdisk but accepts format but nedds a parameter. The answer is probably very simple but is illuding me. Any help appreciated. Thanks

  MartinT-B 16:00 10 Apr 2003

Have you been into the BIOS to make sure it's there and detected?

Once the BIOS knows about it, it should appear in My Computer and you will be bale to format the drive from within windows which is much much faster than Fdisk (which formats at the speed of the floppy for some reason)

Post here if you need help getting into your BIOS, and what sort of BIOS you have. Award, AMI etc.

click here for an overview of BIOS if you need it.

  MartinT-B 16:05 10 Apr 2003


Re-read your post - It is detected! Sorry.


Try making your new HDD as a slave to your Primary, and move the CD to another IDE channel.

Double check your slave master settings.

Sometimes, depending on Drive make, Cable select is better than Master/slave, meaning that it will be assigned by the BIOS on detection of how it is connected to the IDE cable.

This is the case with my Western Digital Drives at home

  canalaholic 16:14 10 Apr 2003

I've just read in my idiots guide.......can be detected in BIOS but cannot be seen in explorer or my computer until after fdisk.....the books right but I`m no further forward...any more ideas please? thanks in anticipation

  AndySD 16:22 10 Apr 2003

Right click on My Computer and choose Manage... choose Disk Manager and Right click and partition and format the disk from there.

  canalaholic 16:30 10 Apr 2003

ßé£â, AndySD, MartinT-B.......Thanks guys, formatting now and I've learned something new.


  MartinT-B 16:35 10 Apr 2003

I don't have W2K.

To get a start-up disk in 98 go to Add/remove programs, Click the Start-Up Disk Tab and click create disk to create the floppy.

I hope it's the same in W2K

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