How do I extend my memory?

  mhdc 22:02 08 Jan 2005

I have a 20GB hard drive with 16 GB free. I want to run my daughters DVD/game, however an error keeps on appearing on install that the memory is not big enough. I need 64% to run the program and only has 63%. Can anyone help?


  Totally-braindead 22:09 08 Jan 2005

Need more info, what game are you trying to run, what operating system are you using, how much memory do you have and whats the graphics card. The memory it refers to is more than likely the computer memory not anything to do with the hard drive.

  Totally-braindead 00:42 10 Jan 2005

This from email sent to me :
Hi Total, Its a computer game for my daughter called Balamory! The operating system is Windows ME, The Ram is 63MB, The Processor is a Celeron and the graphics card is an intel AC'97 Cheers.

By the way mhdc DO NOT send emails to people using the envelope, you are only meant to do this if asked, look at the Forum Editors postings and he'll send you info of how to use the Forum. When you want to ask a question about what you've posted just add on to the post at the bottom, that way more people will be able to see it. After all what would have happened if I hadn't checked my email tonight, it could have sat there for weeks with no one answering it instead of you getting a solution from someone. Never mind enough said about that, let me think a bit about what you've said and I'll post back.

  Totally-braindead 01:20 10 Jan 2005

Right found the game and this is what it needs
Software Requirements:
Windows® 98, ME or XP

Hardware Requirements:
PII 400MHz or 100% compatible processor
64MB RAM, 128MB RAM for Windows® XP
8x CD-ROM or equivalent DVD-ROM drive
800x600 24-bit colour monitor
DirectX 9 compliant graphics card
DirectX 9 compliant sound card
DirectX 9 compliant sound card
You appear to be short of some of the things the game needs and this is the problem. You need 64mb Ram and you only have 63mb. Now all is not lost. From what you say you have Intel graphics which if it is what you have is onboard, this means you do not have a seperate graphics card its part of the motherboard. The AC97 you mention is not the graphics its the sound and its on board as well. Now the only solution at the moment is to try this.
The onboard graphics uses some of the memory in your computer, you probably have 128mb but 64mb of this is used to give you graphics. What to do is this. Go into the Bios, now this is the part of the computer that appears before windows starts to load when you switch on. Depending on your computer you'll press a different key, now you must do this before windows starts to load, it'll tell you what key to press when you switch the computer on. For example mine says "press delete to enter Bios" yours may say the same or something very similar. Now you have to press whatever key it says before windows actually starts loading, if you miss it just shutdown and restart the computer again. Now presuming you've got into the Bios this is the point where you have to be careful. Alter nothing, if you alter anything you may cause the computer not to start. Just look through the pages of the Bios. In my computer you change the pages by using the arrow keys yours may be different but it'll tell you on the screen. Now look through the pages of the Bios till you find one that says something like "onboard graphics" or "graphics adaptor" or something similar. Now there will be an option to assign memory to it, just now it'll say 64mb, go down to it and change it to 32mb, then press Esc once and save the changes to the Bios, it'll tell you how to do this on the screen. Once thats done the computer will restart and you should have enough memory to play the game. Now that will solve the memory problem and the game MAY run but, it does say it needs a Direct X 9 complient graphics and sound card and I have to warn you that even if you do this there is no guarantee the game will run, if the graphics is not capable of running with Direct X 9 then it won't run. Now I'm sorry this is a bit long winded but providing you are careful not to alter anything else in the Bios this will cause no problems to try, and by only altering the one thing you know how to go back into the Bios and change it back again if it doesn't help. But I'll stress again don't alter anything else. Now the processor you have is a Celeron you said, if the speed is not at least 400 then there is no point at all in trying this as it'll be too slow to run it, so check this first. If you look at SYSTEM in CONTROL PANEL it will tell you how fast your computer is. The other solution is to get more memory but that will cost you money and theres no guarantee that the game will run because of the graphics anyway, you may also need to buy a graphics card to get the game to run. Its not as tricky as it sounds but if you're worried about trying it I suggest you ask about your friends to see if one of them knows about computers and can try it.

  Totally-braindead 01:28 10 Jan 2005

Further to my last posting, the game needs a PII 400mhz, now this is a more powerful processor than a Celeron which you have, therefore I would say if your Celeron processor is not quite a bit faster than 400mhz then its unlikely the game will run anyway. If it is fast enough then the easiest solution is buy more memory but as I said you may need to buy a new graphics card as well. Post back when you decide what you want to do, if you decide to upgrade your computer the Forum members will help with advice of what to get.

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