How do I encrypt my wireless network

  chrissy2005 17:23 20 Aug 2006

I have just set up my new wireless network and was feeling rather proud when I realised that it was open to the whole street.I thought that a password and wireless network name would of been part of the initial set up process-not so!I have a Dynamode adsl router but when I go into the menu to set up an ssid I am stumped-please help.

  Strawballs 17:29 20 Aug 2006

The SSID has nothing to do with security you give it a name that you will recognise so when if your wireless adapter detects more than one network within range then you can see which is one is yours. You need to look for the security part of the setup and look for (at the very least) WEP but preferably WPA security.

  dms05 17:48 20 Aug 2006

As Strawballs says 'use WPA if you can'. It depends upon both your WiFi adaptor on your PC/Laptop and the WiFi Router supporting WPA. If they don't they will almost certainly offer WEP. Not as secure, but a great deal better than nothing.

  chrissy2005 17:54 20 Aug 2006

Oh,thanks.I feel even more of a fool now,oh well,I've gone into security.I can choose from WPA,WPA2 or anyWPA,which is also tells me I can enable WPA2 pre autherisation.Whats that?

  chrissy2005 18:05 20 Aug 2006

I can also choose between a radius server or a pre-shared key on the same page.This all seems way too technical for me and would appreciate any advice on offer.

Thanks in advance if you can help.

  FelixTCat 18:21 20 Aug 2006


Use WPA with Pre-shared key.

WPA is an encryption system that uses a key (a string of letters and/or numbers) to jumble up your transmissions. The system has to use the same key at the other end to unjumble the transmissions to get what was sent originally. Pre-shared key means that you choose that string of numbers and letters and enter the details into your wireless adapters on all your pcs.

Nobody else can intercept your wireless unless they know your key.

Choose a phrase that only you will know - you could choose something like "Mary had a little lamb" if you want. WRITE IT DOWN AND PUT IT SOMEWHERE SAFE. Put that key into your router's encryption page. Use exactly the same key in every other wireless adapter.

Now nobody can overhear your wireless.



  chrissy2005 18:54 20 Aug 2006

Wow!Thats done it.No more wires AND peace of mind.Thank-you all.

  Strawballs 20:51 20 Aug 2006

Only too glad to help

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