how do I enable UPnP

  SnowWhite_x 19:08 30 Nov 2007

Can anyone tell how to enable UPnP in windows xp?

  anskyber 19:31 30 Nov 2007
  SnowWhite_x 20:07 30 Nov 2007

when i try to open 'add or remove components' I get this msg 'setup was unable to open information file msmsgs.inf. Contact administator 0x2 at line 2088999592

  SnowWhite_x 15:00 03 Dec 2007

I'm running the free version 4.5 sunbelt kerio firewall which is apparently a non-UPnP firewall. I'm told that I need to allow traffic on port 1900 (UDP) and port 2869 (TCP) and that I may need to look at my firewall's advanced settings in order to add a rule to allow this traffic. I've had a look and this is way beyond my capabilities! Can anyone help?

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