How do I enable 'Hardware-assisted virtualisation' in my BIOS

  Graphicool1 13:26 28 Oct 2011

Windows 7 32 bit - FF 7.0.1

I ran a Microsoft test and it said 'HAV' wasn't activated on my ASUS Mobo. I need to activate it to run 'Microsoft Virtual PC 2007'.

  gengiscant 13:34 28 Oct 2011

In the cpu configuration, make sure the Secure Virtual Machine Mode is set to Enable.

  Graphicool1 14:02 28 Oct 2011

Cheers gengiscant

I was hoping I would be able to do it within Windows, using the 'AI Suite II'. It's not a problem, but even though ASUS calls it 'EZ Mode' it's still a minefield in there. Though a lot better being able to use the mouse.

  Graphicool1 15:54 28 Oct 2011


I couldn't find...'Virtual Machine Mode'

But I found and enabled...'Intel Virtualisation technology'

I hope that is the equavilent?

  Graphicool1 15:55 28 Oct 2011

Oops...'equavilent'...should read...'equivalent'

  gengiscant 16:01 28 Oct 2011

Just had a look in my P8P67 Pro manual and yes that is the one.

  Graphicool1 16:06 28 Oct 2011

Thanx gengiscant

I'm glad to hear that, delving around in the BIOS is not my favourite PC pastime! : )

  gengiscant 16:09 28 Oct 2011

I assume you do not bother in the black arts (overclocking) or just making sure that your RAM timings are correct then?

  Graphicool1 12:21 04 Nov 2011


"I assume you do not bother in the black arts (overclocking) or just making sure that your RAM timings are correct then?"

I'm afraid that I have to put my hands up to the fact that where 'overclocking' and the like, that involves poking around in the Bios is concerned, I am totally in the dark. It certainly isn't a field that I feel happy in. Although I'm a great believer in having my PC running at it's optimum, when it comes to me getting stuck in to that area then I like to have step-by-step, graphic directions, that I can foolow.

There have been times that I've set out to find out more about those subjects, but when faced with wreaths of info my eyes tend to glaze over. I'm not a great one for readng. I've never ever, even actually read a book from begining to end. I get to the bottom of the first page and nomatter how many times I read and re-read it, it just doesn't sink in.

I realise I'm not painting myself in a good light here, but truth be known I have some sort of dislexia. A word blindness and yet I seem to be able to write, short stories and poetry without problems. I guess it has something to do with the fact that they're coming out of and from me and I'm not trying to put in something from someone else!

either way the only way I find out what and or what not to do is by trial and error. Playing around with software on, in and around the desktop and following direction from someone you trust is one thing. Before going down these roads I always set a System Restore Point first, as a fail safe. I'm not sure that the BIOS has a fail safe?

  gengiscant 13:08 04 Nov 2011

Actually the BIOS does,it's call reset and there will be details of how to do it in the motherboard manual,which of course is a book,so thats you knackered.LOL In fact modern motherboards will actually have a backup BIOS chip. With Asus boards, which I tend to use, if I tap CTRL on power up that will reset my BIOS.

  Graphicool1 17:35 04 Nov 2011

I was quite chuffed with myself when I Flash Updated my Bios the other week. But then the new ASUS Mobo is far more user friendly than they used to be. Being able to use the mouse is far more superior than fiddling about with up-down arrows. Updating your Bios from the Desktop how cool is that?

Yes I too use ASUS, when you said..."Just had a look in my P8P67 Pro manual" I knew we were on a similar wavelength. As mine is...'P8H61-M LE'. although I too looked in my manual, before starting this thread, but I couldn't see any reference to 'Hardware Assisted Virtualisation' (HAV).

But now, using 'VMWare' I've been able to turn an external HDD into a virtual drive and I loaded WinXP as the OS. Also, apparently, if I so wished I could set it up to boot from there too. At the moment I don't see any mileage in going down that route. Initially though I created a direct Internet link, but only so I could register the OS.

So as you can see where there's a will there's a way, even if the barrier is a reading problem. A lot can be done for the likes of me, with the aid of video screen captures and putting them on YouTube.

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