How do I do a fresh install of XP?

  steerstuffer 17:22 12 May 2009

I've posted my hijackthis log and haven't received any replies to it in another forum so I guess I must do a fresh install of XP because doing a pc restore doesn't help the problem. My problem is constant freezing to the point I can't do much on the computer anymore. The diagnostics says everyhting is fine. How do I do a fresh install of xp? Is there any sequence of reinstalling items, etc... PLMK Thanks

  OTT_Buzzard 17:26 12 May 2009

Can you give a little more info on your problem? You never know, someone may have a solution without the need for a fresh install!

Under what circumstances does it freeze? i.e. web surfing, gaming, opening applications, saving work etc

What diagnostics are you using? What anti virus / spyware software do you have?

  steerstuffer 17:36 12 May 2009

It freezes during everything- web surfing, opening applications, gaming, Itunes, etc...- to the point that the only way I can get out of it is to press the power button to shut it down. If I have more than one window open, they all will freeze up. I have Norton Internet Security 2009 and everything comes up clean. I also have Spybot and Malwarebytes and that comes up clean also. I downloaded hijackthis and posted a log on a couple different sites and no replies in over a week. I used the diagnostics that are on the computer and all of them came back fine. I've done 2 pc restores and the problem still persists. The computer is 4 years old but I've never had this problem until about 6 months ago and to such a big degree. If you have any suggestions I'll give it a try. Thanks

  TonyM 17:38 12 May 2009

Sounds like it might be overheating - have you opened it up and checked it isn't completely full of dust/fluff ?

  howard64 17:38 12 May 2009

have you checked that all your fans are running? this sounds like an overheating problem to me.

  steerstuffer 17:40 12 May 2009

Yes, I have to both answers. I clean out he insides all the time and all the fans are working- or they seem to be.

  Curio 20:20 12 May 2009

of this. Have used it myself and it worked a treat on XP Laptop. That is of course you want to go the whole hog.
click here

  canarieslover 20:29 12 May 2009

If it only started six months ago and is steadily getting worse then I suspect it is either a failing PSU or hard drive with the PSU being the main suspect. Do you have a spare that you can check it out with?

  steerstuffer 20:34 12 May 2009

No, I don't but through diagnostics it said my harddrive aws fine but what is a PSU?

  K9 21:37 12 May 2009

The PSU is the power supply unit

  steerstuffer 21:47 12 May 2009

Is a PSU cheap? I'd replace it and see if it is rather than reformatting?

I came along a link on this site telling about a downloadable software that could detect heat problems. A PC Wizard 2008. Would this be worth a try?

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