How do i do DVD to DVD copying

  SWEENEY TOD 16:16 19 Jan 2013

I want to reproduce a DVD that i have had made from my old Cine films. I have a lap top and external HP CD/DVD RW Multi recorder. I would also like to save a copy on my external Hardrive so that i always have back up.

  mgmcc 16:26 19 Jan 2013

1) Copy the contents of the existing DVD to a folder in your PC.

2) Copy that folder to your external hard drive for your backup.

3) Burn the contents of the newly created folder in the PC to a second DVD to create a copy of the original.

  SWEENEY TOD 16:28 19 Jan 2013

Ok thanks mgmcc, i will try that.

  Terry Brown 16:48 19 Jan 2013

You may need 3rd party software to copy the DVD to your harddrive, if so I suggest using CD Toolbox (Free Program). This will copy the entire contents of most CD/DVD 's to your harddrive for editing /copying.

If you have window 7 or 8, you should be able to do a direct copy from the original DVD to the new one, otherwise you will need 3rd party software.


CD toolbox

  SWEENEY TOD 17:22 19 Jan 2013

Yes mgmcc, it worked thank you.

  woodchip 20:13 19 Jan 2013

If you have NERO just put the disc in the drive click copy it will copy to the hard drive then open DVD drive so you can remove disc and install a blank dvd to burn

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