How do I do this?

  Red Devil 13:55 21 Jun 2005

I am currently designing a couple of websites. In one click here, I want to have the borders for the tables I am using throughout the site to be transparent.

When I use IE to look at the sites design, they are but when I look at the site in Opera, Firefox and Netscape, the table borders are still visible.

How do I go about making them transparent in the 3 browsers mentioned as well as IE?


  chesterfield 22:05 03 Jul 2005

By giving the tables no border at all surely they will not be visible?

  gplatt2000 15:49 06 Jul 2005

Red Devil - Hi, I think I understand your problem, I'm also interested in why this happens as I don;t like the way they appear in Firefox for one of my sites.

Just to add what I think the problem is - in IE the border is thin and black, and crisp. Whereas in Firefox it seems to have a kind of 'embossed' effect to it, which I personally hate.

I too would like to know how to stop this!

(sorry if this isn;t actually the problem you mean at all Red Devil!)

  gplatt2000 15:52 06 Jul 2005

(but if you do mean NO borders whatsoever - just change the html <table ..... border="...px"> tag to <table..... border="0">

  gplatt2000 15:53 06 Jul 2005

One more thing, just to give you an example of what I mean with my site:

click here

If you open it in IE, there is a 2px, solid black border round the main white space of the page. But in Firefox, this border is grey and ;embossed' -not very nice.

  phil 23:37 06 Jul 2005

With FF you have to do your tables as a style.

This in the head tags:
#table { background-color: #FFFFFF; width: 100%; height: 100%; border-left: 10px solid #C60000; border-right: 10px solid #C60000; border-top: 10px solid #C60000; border-bottom: 10px solid #C60000; }

and this where the table is to appear:
<div id="table">
FF is a pain in the backside if you ask me.

  Red Devil 23:59 06 Jul 2005

The border is the problem. I set it to a figure and then *tried* to make it the same colour as the background but this obviously hasn't worked.

It was to ensure a decent gap between images and text and I knew no other way to do it but think I know of a way to do it now that doesn't involve having the border in my table >0.

Cheers for the replies one and all.

  gplatt2000 16:42 07 Jul 2005

Glad you've got it sorted, is that using cellpadding="..." / cellspacing ?

And thank you phil, I'll get that sorted out now. I'm guessing the tables will be displayed the same in IE using the style method?


  Red Devil 20:11 07 Jul 2005

Yep, that's the way I'm going to sort it.

So simple when you know how!

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