How do I divide a word 2000 page into 4 to

  bigtrev 18:19 11 Mar 2003

Hello folks
I have microsoft word 2000
I'm trying to creat a flyer for a bike run. I can creat 1 to do the whole page. One page flyer is far too big so I would rather have 1 page divided into 4 so i can get 4 flyers to a page.
I tried all different things with borders and frames etc...but to no avail.....
Not too good with word......Please help.

  €dstow 18:28 11 Mar 2003

Easy way:

Type out your message in Word. Doesn't matter about layout as long as it is less than a quarter page. Copy to clipboard (Ctrl + C).

Create a table of two columns and two rows on a new Word document. Place the cursor at to left in the table and paste the clipboard contents into the first box (Ctrl + V). Fiddle about then with the layout to get what you want but gain be careful you don't exceed the quarter page size. You can then copy that laid out version to clipboard and copy to the other three boxes of your table.

It's quicker to do it than explain!


  €dstow 18:30 11 Mar 2003

"cursor at to left" should read cursor at top left

  leo49 18:34 11 Mar 2003

To divide up the page:

click insert/Autoshape and select and insert a straight line[ensure it's straight by holding down shift as you do it]from top to bottom.Then click the Drawing Toolbar and check 'Relative to page',again click Drawing Toolbar and select Align centred. Repeat for horizontal line.


  leo49 18:41 11 Mar 2003

Be aware when you're doing the layout[in text boxes then grouping,copying & pasting,maybe] of your page margins and printing area.


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