how do i delete pdf's on a HTC please

  sunnystaines 20:14 18 Feb 2011

the wife downloaded some pdf's on the htc desire smartphone.

how do i delete them? cannot find a option in pdf view and going via the office icon shows no docs on sd card.

at a loss any advice please.

  Nontek 21:25 18 Feb 2011

You should be able to do this via your PC, providing you have the HTC Software installed.

  [email protected] 00:33 19 Feb 2011

There is a free app called Astro File Manager which allows you to browse through the phone's folders much in the same way as you would using Windows Explorer, and you can any delete files you wish using this. It is an extremely useful app to have.

(I assume you know about holding your finger down on an item has much the same effect as right clicking something on your computer? Do this to the file in question on Astra, then choose Edit, Delete.)

  stlucia2 07:42 19 Feb 2011

I delete files from my Desire simply by connecting it to my PC using the supplied USB cable, selecting "external drive" when it asks how I want to connect, and then using Windows Explorer to browse and delete files.

I also add music files, spreadsheets, etc. that way. No need for the supplied HTC software unless you want to synchronise your address list with Outlook.

  sunnystaines 08:09 19 Feb 2011

some good replies, will look at the options thank you for the advice, will try them all.

  Nontek 08:17 19 Feb 2011

stlucia2 is spot-on, that is exactly what I do, dunno why I mentioned the software bit:-))

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