how do i delete files from previous install

  grumplekin 13:45 05 Nov 2009

Hi My virus seems to be on an archive file. I reinstalled windows using discs that came with pc, but I mustn't have formatted the drive because I have only 466mb space and antivirus scrolls through all these old files. Can I wipe clean the old files from the first install and if so how do I find them. I'm using XP home and my machine is a Fujitsu Scaleo P. Sorry to be such a dunderhead with this problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:53 05 Nov 2009

If you have done a new install to the same partition then it will have name the other windows folder as Windows.old and you can then just delete it.

Personally I would start from fresh with a new install and select format the partition at the begging of the set up operation.

  grumplekin 00:45 06 Nov 2009

Thank you Fruit Bat. I never did find the files but they certainly aint there now. I've completed a reinstall formatting the partition and have loads of space now. Thanks again.

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