How do I delete extra pages with a blank table on

  1dave2 11:19 10 May 2005

Hi guys. I have 14 pages with a table on that is filled with text up to pages 10, the other 4 pages I need to delete ( these just have a blank table in)and I'm pulling my hair out trying to find out how to do it! Any help appreciated.

  dewskit 11:44 10 May 2005

You haven't said with which word processor this was created.

In Lotus Word Pro, if you place your mouse in the first line you wish to delete and repeatedly press CTRL and the Minus (-) Sign the rows will disappear.

This may also work in Word

Hope this helps!

  abbott8 11:45 10 May 2005

if you are using MS Word, highlight the cells you want to remove, click tools on the menu, then delete, then rows.

this should get rid of the unwanted rows ofthe table and the unwanted pages

I hope this is of some help

  woodchip 11:50 10 May 2005

This may work Click at last point that you want it to finsh and drag to end, then press Delete

  lindyloo4 12:00 10 May 2005

I've just tried it and the only way I could do it was Table - Delete - Rows. It only deletes one row at a time though, so would take a while. You could copy and paste the rows you do want into a new document. This could be quicker.

  pauldonovan 12:05 10 May 2005

..and do that.

  lindyloo4 12:11 10 May 2005

How do you select multiple rows? It will be handy to know for future reference.


  1dave2 12:27 10 May 2005

I've tried all these things and for some reason it deletes everything all the way to page 2! Grrrrr!

  woodchip 12:28 10 May 2005

click on one row hold shift click on another. all between are selected or you can use Ctrl to select individual rows

  GroupFC 12:35 10 May 2005

In word 2000 it's select first row, hold the shift button, select last row and everything in between will be selected, then right click and select delete rows.

  GroupFC 12:37 10 May 2005

Too slow - again!

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