How do I create Samsung Laptop Vista Restore discs

  Covergirl 09:04 11 Feb 2009

I've created "Factory Restore" discs for a friends Acer laptop and also for my own Acer desktop.

The Acer procedure is quite simple - you can create new Vista discs from the Acer eRecovery section - go into Empowering Technology, then Acer eRecovery Management then Burn Disc then Create Factory Default disc.

This burns two discs which you can boot from to reinstall (Acers version of) Vista and all gadgets and gizmos like you'd just bought the laptop/desktop.

Due to a system accident on my own Acer desktop (for which I have already created the Factory Default Discs) I'd like to be pro-active and create Samsung recovery discs for my Samsung R46 laptop before I have an accident with that.

The trouble is, I can't seem to find a similar facility on the Samsung.

Could someone point me in the right direction for this please?

Thanks in advance.

  skidzy 09:35 11 Feb 2009

Chances are you have a recovery/restore partition,check in disc management;

start / right click computer and select manage / storage / disc management...what is listed under disk 0 ?

Best backup is Acronis True Image and the backup saved to an external here

  Covergirl 12:19 11 Feb 2009

Thanks for the suggestion - it doesn't sound to be what I'm after but I'll give it a go tonight.

I really want to create a factory default disc(s) - alternatively, a VHP installation CD/DVD, just like Acers solution does.

I've never been too keen on the "True Image" type solutions, as the latest "True Image" of my system taken before a forced restore would end being a short stones throw away from when it ceased to function totally. I prefer clean installs and used to do them regularly on XP.

Are there any "tried and trusted" suggestions for Samsung out there please?

  skidzy 13:06 11 Feb 2009

This may help click here not want you wanted but a start.

  skidzy 13:11 11 Feb 2009
  Covergirl 14:25 11 Feb 2009

Yes, I've already found those on the computer but (like you say) they don't appear to do what Acer does so elegantly i.e. create a Factory Restore disc.

Thanks again.

Here's hoping a Samsung expert will pass by . . . . :-)

  Covergirl 19:44 11 Feb 2009


  skidzy 20:18 11 Feb 2009

my second link is the restore disc creator that will give you the three options of restoration.

Basically all the manufacturers have there own little programs and some better than others.

  skidzy 20:30 11 Feb 2009

Sorry i meant to say,it is the restore centre but from the hidden partition...lots of computers are like that now im afraid.
Though some do have the create restore discs also.

Check your programs for something like

  Grey Goo 21:46 11 Feb 2009

Samsung recovery solution 3
click here

  Grey Goo 21:52 11 Feb 2009

This should be used when first starting the machine from new as it's the only time it will be in the factory state, should be able to image as is though. Surprised it was not automatically presented on registration.

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