how do i create my own fonts?

  scrappy 20:39 18 May 2003

i am looking for font creation utility so i create my own writing.I have used Font Magic but i can't seem to import any images to it only export the writing but saved file is an unknown format with Hypersnap DX program.Does anybody know of anybody know of any other program? Basically what i want to do is load my image into font program and doodle about until i create the writing i like instead of saving,exporting.

  LastChip 21:03 18 May 2003
  Forum Editor 21:16 18 May 2003

is a bit like cooking - incredibly easy to do but incredibly difficult to do well.

Anyone can doodle around and create a nice-looking letter 'A' but the trouble starts when you have to follow up with the rest of the alphabet - and the numerals from 1-9 and zero. Then there are the symbols, the hyphens and slashes and question marks and so on. Pity the poor font designer before the computer was on the scene - it all had to be done by hand, each letter painstakingly drawn to scale, and they had to be easy to read in print. That's one of the reasons why some fonts cost so much money to buy - even now - and don't forget that all the popular fonts are different in subtle ways, so as not to interfere with copyrights.

Nowadys technology comes to the aid of the font designer fortunately, and there are many application out there. Some of them (for professional use) cost an absolute fortune, but you can get a pretty good one for next to nothing if you
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