rotormota 21:06 14 May 2006

I have built a screensaver EXE file to go on my website but how do I create a clickable download link for visitors please?


  Forum Editor 23:51 14 May 2006

is to place the file on the server - preferably in a directory of its own for neatness - and then create a hyperlink to the file on your web page. You could type "Click here to download" then highlight the words "Click here", and create the hyperlink to your file.

Your visitors' browsers will offer them the download dialogue box automatically.

Be aware that many people will be wary of downloading any file with the .exe suffix, especially if it's a screensaver. Screensaver downloads have a bad reputation for containing malware.

  splatter 12:56 15 May 2006

I imagine that it is already a pretty small file, but you could zip it up to make it even smaller, and include a readme.txt file in the zip file which basically contains author/creator, copyright and a bit saying you won't be held responsible for and damage or loss of data caused by the use of your screensaver.

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