How do I create a bootable floppy

  wobblymike 19:42 19 Feb 2006

I ought to know how to do this but I can't remember

I have an exe program on a bootable floppy which I use for diagnostic testing - if I simply copy the disc floppy to floppy using the copy command no probs - if however I copy the files and then paste them onto a blank disc it won't boot - I guess I need to make it bootable first any thoughts

  SG Atlantis® 19:46 19 Feb 2006


Create MS-DOS bootable diskette

When formatting a floppy diskette, users have the option of creating a MS-DOS startup disk, follow the below steps to do this.

Place diskette in the computer.

Open My Computer, right click the A: drive and click Format.

In the Format window, check Create an MS-DOS startup disk.

Click Start

from click here

  wobblymike 20:00 19 Feb 2006

Thanks - however the problem appears wider can someone please explain this

I have a programme on a bootable floppy which when I wish to use I just put in the floppy and boot to it. The disc contains 13 files - if however I copy these 13 files to a blank formatted floppy it won't boot. However if I copy disc to disc using the copy command it works. If I go through the procedure laid out by SG Atlantis® above there is not enough room to get the 13 files on the floppy. It's something to do with making the disc bootable but I am at a loss as to what. Any help appreciated.

  mgmcc 20:20 19 Feb 2006

<<< The disc contains 13 files - if however I copy these 13 files to a blank formatted floppy it won't boot. >>>

A blank formatted floppy disk is not bootable and copying 13 files from a "bootable" floppy, won't make it bootable, because you haven't copied the 'hidden' boot sector.

Copying a bootable floppy will create another bootable disk, because the boot sector will also be copied.

  bremner 20:22 19 Feb 2006

click here for all your boot disks

  woodchip 20:23 19 Feb 2006

click here Saves me all the typing

  woodchip 21:06 19 Feb 2006

PS You can right click a floppy drive in My Computer choose copy system files this loads basic files then you can coppy your files to the disc, provided that there is enough room left. The system files are what makes it bootable

  keith-236785 07:19 20 Feb 2006

put the disk in the drive, right click and select format. one of the options is create system disk (cant remember the exact wording now), once done try to copy the other (13) files onto the disk. you may not have room for them but its worth a try.

  mgmcc 07:33 20 Feb 2006

As I understand the original problem, he's *NOT* trying to create a Windows startup disk, for which several methods have been suggested, but to put a program consisting of 13 files on to a floppy disk which must also boot the PC. There is insufficient space on a floppy disk to add his 13 files to a conventional Windows "boot floppy".

  Eric10 11:26 20 Feb 2006

mgmcc has the answer. There are two hidden files on a bootable floppy (IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS) which must be in a specific place on track zero of the disk for the Boot Sequence to find them. There is also COMMAND.COM that is needed for the disk to be bootable but I don't think that this is position critical. If you just copy them to the disk they wont be on the correct track at the correct sector so the Boot fails.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:42 20 Feb 2006

..instead of a floppy.

most versions of nero will do this, and you should be able to add other files as well.


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