how do i copy win 98 to another hard drive?

  a_dani19 09:40 18 Feb 2003

I recently bought a 60Gb hard disk. I have an old 12.5Gb hardisk which is full. It's got win 98 on it.

I tried installing win 98 on to the 60gb disk with win 98 cd but it didn't ask me "where do you want to install"? Instead, it re-installed win in the 12.5gb disk.

So i copied the files manually from one disk to another. All was well But now it won't let me copy win386.swp file. What is that file and how do i copy it over?

Thanks all

  Psiman 10:06 18 Feb 2003

You have obviously managed to install your new hard drive (drive d: for example) as a slave to transfer files, so OK so far, but..

Start again. You need to make a Win98 floppy boot disk form your PC. Then install your new HDD as master, re-format using your floppy boot disk and then install windows 98.

When Windows is up and running, install your old HDD as a slave and transfer your files by dragging and dropping.

Post back if you have any problems.

  pj123 10:10 18 Feb 2003

To copy everything from one hard disk to another (ie. old to new).

Disconnect the OLD disk and connect the NEW disk as MASTER. Start the computer using a STARTUP disk. The STARTUP disk should have FORMAT and FDISK on it.

If you want to partition the new disk you should do so before formatting (using Fdisk) and then format each partition. Once the formatting has completed, switch off the computer and reconnect the OLD disk as MASTER and the NEW disk as SLAVE.

Boot the computer as normal and then go to START, RUN and type in:
xcopy c:\*.* /e/h/k/r/c d: (and press enter). Make sure the spaces are in, between the *.* and between the c and d:.

When everything is finished, switch off the computer, remove the OLD disk and make the NEW disk MASTER and reboot.

  Psiman 10:12 18 Feb 2003

Sorry forgot to add..win386.swp is a temporary file that Windows uses to, shall we say, breathe (its a cache). To the best of my knowledge you cannot, and don't need to copy it.

A new installation of Windows will generate a new swap file.

  « Ravin » 10:25 18 Feb 2003

generally hard disk manufacturers have a floppy you can download from their site that lets you copy the contents from an old hard disk to a new one. what brand of disk is your 60 gb one?

  a_dani19 11:09 20 Feb 2003

thanks all for th suggestions

I was stuck with uni work so haven't had much time to reply and carry out suggestions.

I tried psimans sugges. all was ok untill it said,"insert disk in drive b and press any key".

I don't have a drive b. then it crashes and you can't do anything but restart.

I'll try pj123 sugges and get back to u all


  Elrond 11:25 20 Feb 2003

Carrying on from Ravin's suggestion, I think you shud look into any utilities ur HDD manufacturer has available to download. I like maxtor HDD because the maxblast 2 software is good and you can copy drives using that.

  DieSse 11:41 20 Feb 2003

You should not use xcopy to try and clone a disk drive - it can lose files because it does not handle long file names correctly. For the proof, look here

click here

As has been said, there are many other ways to "clone" a hard disk (ie transfer all it's contents to another drive).

You do not need to transfer the win386.swp file - it will be re-created by Windows when it starts, and finds it missing.

  pj123 13:07 20 Feb 2003

Sorry to contradict you but xcopy has never failed for me. I build computers and the quickest way to get the PC up and running is xcopy. The person who then buys it has to pay for the licence which is then registered to them. They are given two options. they can buy just the license (no disk) or they can purchase the disk. If the poster to this thread (a_dani19) is just copying their old disk to a new disk they should then reformat the old disk once the new disk is up and running.

  jazzypop 13:43 20 Feb 2003

I suggest you read the link that DieSse kindly supplied very carefully.

If you are using xcopy to clone a standard setup and then passing it on to a customer, it is not surprising that you are not noticing any errors, as they may not be immediately apparent.

However, the potential pitfalls are unarguable.

  a_dani19 14:52 20 Feb 2003

sooooo many suggestions

i've downloaded the MaxBlast 3 software and will go home and try it. If it don't work, i'll try the rest. I've backed up so there's no prb trying all sugges.

Thank you ALL for the tips and suggestions.

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