How do I copy O/S from 1 hd to another? please hel

  bof:) 18:40 28 Feb 2004

Hi All,

(Using win98se)

PC running fine until 2 days ago until I downloaded a free program from During the download PestControl said something about something being 'found in the memory' did I want it to be fixed. I just clicked yes.

Since then everytime I booted up it said 'bad sectors found' and asked for scan disk to be run. I did this. it took 17 hours and 2 bad sectors were found. Since repairing these PC starts ok but I know its doomed eventually.

Maxtors Powermax failed on Smart Self Test with error no: 3HR557.

I now need to copy all files from HD to another I've installed today. I did have a copy of 'Nortons Ghost' but I rang and asked no1 son where it is and he said 'somewhere in my bedroom'... searched where I could, nothing found.

So,can I just copy all files across via DOS if so what are the commands.

OR do I continue the search for Ghost?

Failing both of above anyone know where best (cheapest) place to get a copy of Ghost or similar program.

Many thanks,


  Rayuk 18:44 28 Feb 2004

Download utility from Maxtor or whatever the new drive manufacturers to copy.

  [email protected] 18:44 28 Feb 2004

Some drive manufacturers offer S/ware to do this I know Seagate do and have used it in the past.

It may be worth a look at your drive manufacturers sit to see.

  [email protected] 18:46 28 Feb 2004

Memo to self PROOF READ prior to submit

Sit = Site

  Rayuk 18:46 28 Feb 2004


click here

  Bapou 19:00 28 Feb 2004

Power Quest Drive Image 7. I believe it's available at for about £25.

  961 19:01 28 Feb 2004

Check system for virus first, either an on line job or whatever virus checker you use making sure it is up to date

Sounds at a guess more like imported trouble rather than hard disk failure

Seagate have a programme you can download that just transfers everything across to the new disk after which you can remove the old one. I guess other hard disk makers have similar jobs

Not sure that Ghost or similar is a good idea until virus problems can be ruled out

As for No 1 son, well I suggest software reclaim at some convenient moment

  bof:) 12:51 04 Mar 2004

Hi All,

Thankyou all for your help.

961, I've ran Housecall and keep my AVG updated everyday.

When I put my spare HD in (Seagate) I found that after running the diagnostic program from seagates website this also had a bad sector on it.

So, I've copied as much as I am able to cd's and everything is also now on both HD's..

ßéLâ thanks for the Xcopy details,Rayuk, I've used this it seems very straight forward and Bapou I'll get a copy as soon as I can. It looks like my Nortons 'Ghost' has vanished.


  bof:) 12:53 04 Mar 2004

[email protected] thankyou also for your advice.


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