How do I copy a file to CD?

  1jacks64 16:08 08 Oct 2003

I have a file on my desktop which I want to copy to a blank CD. When I right click I have the option to go to send to which has a list which has various places such a 3.5 floppy disk, desktop, mail recipient etc. but there is nothing on this list to enable me to send a file to the d: CD disk drive.

I have Windows 98SE. Please could you tell me how I can copy a file to CD. Thank you.

  Taff36 16:13 08 Oct 2003

You will have some sort of software provided with the CD writer or the computer system when you bought it so it may be on your system. However the fact that you don`t have the options on the shortcut menu suggest not. The most popular are Roxio or Nero. Do you have such disks?

  stourry 16:15 08 Oct 2003

if you have nero cd copier you should have incd with it this allows you to drag and drop files to cd best using re-recordable if yu want to add more later

  mammak 16:15 08 Oct 2003

Hope i have picked you up right on this, you want to "Burn" a file to cd, which soft ware have you ie: Nero, then you would open that and drag the file for burning,Mammak

  1jacks64 16:17 08 Oct 2003

I have bought momeorex blank CD's. I didn't know I needed to have special software on my computer system. As far as I know I do not have special disks but my disk drive is DVD.

Please help!?

  woodchip 16:17 08 Oct 2003

You should Have Nero or EasyCD creator you star the program and will ether get a wizard or a window like Explorer if like Explorer just click on file in right column and drag to cd and click on burn at the top

  Diemmess 16:18 08 Oct 2003

Forgive me if I am too simplistic. Is your CD a CDROM capable of writing. If it doesn't claim to be a recorder, then read is all it will do.

  kinger 16:18 08 Oct 2003

If you want to drag a file from your computer to your CD disc drive you need 'packet writing' software. This normally comes with your CD player when you buy it or, of course, with your computer.

You can download Nero and try it for free, so it doesn't need to cost a packet. After you decide that you like it, you can pay and register it and use the full functionallity.

click here

  rickf 16:29 08 Oct 2003

I supect you have misunderstood and that you don't have a cd-rewriter on your comp. You'll need one first before you can burn anything on to cdrs or cdrws.

  Taff36 16:39 08 Oct 2003

Let`s start with the basics and find out if you have a CD Writer. Go to control panel > system > device manager and click on the + sign next to the DVD / CD ROM drive. Tell us what model it is.

  Jester2K II 17:12 08 Oct 2003

"but my disk drive is DVD"

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