how do i convert video

  pete h 18:13 10 Jan 2013

hya people and i hope you can help me here. i have recently completed some home video on an jvc hand held video recorder using a Sandisc SDHC card. when i came to transfer it onto my laptop it wouldnt play so i then tried to convert it using videora ipod converter programme. this programme wouldnt do what i wanted to and continously comes up with an error which indicates that in cannot open file. the file does work when watching it on the camera. anyone got any ideas please?


  lotvic 18:48 10 Jan 2013

I presume you have copied the video files to your harddrive on pc.

You haven't said what format the files are in and what you want to convert them to.

If you are wanting to make them into TS Video (as a DVD) you can use the free program dvdflick this page tells you what files you can import to it and it will convert them remember to download the .pdf manual as well.

Or you could use the excellent Free program FormatFactory from

As with all free programs when you install them watch out to make sure you untick any extra toolbars and programs they offer.

As a note: it is always a good idea to make a copy of your original file and then work with the copy.

  lotvic 18:56 10 Jan 2013

Another point to note is I think JVC uses Apple Quicktime file format. So not being able to play them on your laptop probably means the player you were using can't play quicktime movies. If that is the case then either download Quicktime for Windows (free) from Apple or the free VLC player from which has brilliant extra features, like being able to record any few minutes from the movie you are watching by simply pressing a record button.

  pete h 19:21 10 Jan 2013

thanks for that lotvic. the format i believe is MOVO MOD thats what comes up when the programme i am using tells me that there is an error


  SillBill 19:26 10 Jan 2013

Quicktime videos are also called .MOV files.

  SillBill 19:32 10 Jan 2013

This > is one of the best FREE video converters available.

  SillBill 19:33 10 Jan 2013

Copy and paste the broken link!

  rdave13 19:35 10 Jan 2013

As lotvic, , but be careful when download in FF as it's ad supported and as said untick the boxes when installing.

  pete h 20:15 10 Jan 2013

i have got the videos to play using a different player but for some reason they are upside down now and i know i had the camera the correct way up. is there anyway of rotating them around so they are correct


  SillBill 20:29 10 Jan 2013

@ pete h

You don't say which player you are using.

  SillBill 21:00 10 Jan 2013

One way of viewing it right side up is to pen it with VLC Playerand then go to Tools>Effects & Filters>Video Effects>Geometry>click on Rotate and use the mouse to alter the angle and turn the Video any way you want.

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