How do i Conv Wav to MP3

  Sheps 19:44 04 Nov 2005

Hi ya all,
I have recorded a sound onto mp3 player to go onto my phone, but once i transferred from the mp3 player to the pc, then transferred it to my mobile, I couldn't work out why it wouldn't play, then i checked in "details" and it said that it was a Wave sound, "OH NO" so i'm now in a quandry as to how i can get it to work on my phone. Any helpful suggestions and advice???
Cheers in advance
Shepieshed (paula)

  DerekR 19:48 04 Nov 2005

click here

Try this little beauty

  GLYNNY 00:36 05 Nov 2005

This one is free

click here

It's called Audacity and has full recording and export & import functionality.

I connect a Sony tape deck with RCA jacks to my Line In on sound card - now playing tapes through my PC then use Audacity to record and export to Hard drive as an MP3 file. (also supports export as Ogg Vorbis or Wav, plus import and translation from one format to another) The cool thing is that you can edit selections as well.

  Sheps 10:10 05 Nov 2005

Thank you to Derek R and Glynny, I will have a look at these programs and i will be back to let you know how i got on. I just they are easypeasy to work with, all i want to do is a straight conv from wave to mp3 or midi, whichever, just so as i can have this recording as my ringtone. cheers
Shepieshed (Paula)

  Fellsider 10:47 05 Nov 2005

Audacity will not convert directly to MP3 for me, telling me That I need a file (Lame_enc.dll). I use dbpoweramp (click here) although others on here have now reported that this is not now free.

  joseph K 12:00 05 Nov 2005

Audacity is a fantastic tool as mentioned above. You do need Lame which is also elementary to use. All you need to do is tap 'lame software' into Google and I'm sure you'll have it up and running in no time. I've messed around with over 1500 albums using it. It really is all you need. Don't go spending your hard earned cash for heaven's sake. Open soure is frequently much better than anything else, providing you make certain that it doesn't come with any addware. Both Audacity and Lame are free of addware.

  Sheps 16:12 05 Nov 2005

Well I'd like to say thank you to Fellsider and Joseph K, for your helpful advice, and just to let you ALL know, i clicked on dbpoweramp to download, but i then found another one on the page call SmartAudioConverter (free trial), so I downloaded it, and talk about Easypeasy, deffo made for me, Hey Presto, i've converted the sound i recorded on my mp3 player from wav to mp3, and i've now transferred it to my mobile phone, as a txt message tone. Thanks to you all.
Cheers Shepieshed (Paula)

  joyringtone 14:56 31 May 2006

Try the Joy RingTone Converter:

click here

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