How do I control my wireless usage

  echemh 00:30 21 Jun 2014

I am one of 3 people using this wireless network. I am trying to find a way I can limit how much bandwidth I am using by limiting the programs usage on my laptop. I am tying to be able to control my wireless usage so as to not inconvenience the other two on the network. I have found a way to monitor the overall usage of my laptops wireless usage. I just haven't found a way to control the usage yet. Any help would be appreciated.

  onthelimit1 08:41 21 Jun 2014

The best way to control your usage is to turn the wireless off unless you need to access the internet. Most laptops have either a switch, or one of the Fn keys to cycle the WiFi on and off.

  alanrwood 10:09 21 Jun 2014

I think the OP means he wants to control the amount of usage so he does not clash with the others. In fact three people connected at the same time should not be a problem unless they are all downloading large files or streaming at the same time unless the internet connection itself is poor. Maybe a bit more background info would help us to understand what the problem actually is above his desire to be altruistic to his fellow sharers which I must say is very responsible and fair minded.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:30 21 Jun 2014

"I am trying to find a way I can limit how much bandwidth I am using......"

Some routers have a feature to control bandwidth on a per-computer basis. Login to yours and look for something called "bandwidth control" or similar.

  echemh 23:41 21 Jun 2014

I am not the main user my neighbor in the apartment next door is the main user and I have a deal with him to be able to use his net. I know the signal is only 12mpbs total signal so I want to be able to use the net but not interfere with his usage of the net. I want to be able to control my downloads and stuff so when I download it can be done without using too much of the signal. If it takes a little longer for the download it is ok for longer download time if it takes less signal.

  alanrwood 09:38 22 Jun 2014

Is that 12 Mb/s that you receive or is that the total bandwidth of the incoming signal to your neighbours router. I would repeat what I said earlier. if there is a 12Mb/s incoming bandwidth then it should support both of you without problems. If you are both downloading large files at the same time then it might impact on you both by increasing the download time somewhat but in reality that seems unlikely unless you know better. Remember that up to a short time ago an ADSL connection was UPTO 8Mb/s and usually less.

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