How do I connect old ext HD to my PC

  Halmer 09:46 27 Dec 2009

I'd like to try to retrieve (a long shot I know) data from a failed HD.

Just wondered how I can connect this to my PC to have a butchers?

Or will I blow my PC up :-O ?

  Technotiger 10:32 27 Dec 2009

Use a hard drive enclosure to connect old drive via USB ...

click here

  Technotiger 10:36 27 Dec 2009

PS - if you Google *Hard drive enclosures* you will no doubt find cheaper ones, as well as kits that connect external drives without actuallyu using an enclosure, such as click here

I have one of these, great for emergency use.

  cheap 11:01 27 Dec 2009

Was the hd spinning the last time you used it or was it just corrupted. If it was still spinning then by all means hook it up, but if it wasnt then save your money on a hard drive enclosure and invest it in a good hammer to destroy any data on the disks. (remember to wear safety glasses, H&S first, accident second)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:14 27 Dec 2009

Is it IDE or SATA?

You could connect internally (better if running recovery programs)

if IDE disconnect dvd drive and connect HDD in its place (check jumper settings first)

If sata connect to a spare sata port on the motherboard using a spare power cable or the one that powers the DVD drive.

  cream. 11:15 27 Dec 2009

What type of old hard drive is it? IDE, SATA or external as posted.

What type of computer are you hoping to try it on?

Because if it's a tower system with the same type of connecters as the hard drive. You could slot it in the tower and see if it shows there.

  cream. 11:17 27 Dec 2009

Who posted a few seconds before me.

  Halmer 12:24 27 Dec 2009

if it's IDE or SATA?

It's an internal one that failed according to the shop so am I wasting my time trying to recover the data (my Lad's homework)? They fitted me a new one.

It's a HP Compaq that I was going to wire it up to.

  cream. 12:52 27 Dec 2009

the code number on the hard drive and also the model number of the compaq computer ( laptop or desktop)?

  Halmer 12:59 27 Dec 2009

The broken hard drive that came out of it is HD160JJ/P (Samsung).

  Halmer 13:01 27 Dec 2009

that as the PC wouldn't boot up and the hard drive is knackered that I would be wasting my time anyway?

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