How do I connect new latop to present BT Internet?

  crazychris 18:35 18 Aug 2007

Hi my first post. I know next to nothing about technology or PC's but need advice. My daughter starts secondary school in September and gets a Toshiba laptop under their laptop scheme. How do I connect it to out present BT Internet? We have a 2 year old Dell 3000 pc connected to BT Broadband by BT Voyage ADSL 210 router, so not wireless. If I buy a BT wireless hub for £30 it says our pc must be wireless compatible but don't think it is. So says I need some card of card or adaptor. What's the simplest least expensive way of doing it please? Do I neeed to open up our Dell? Don't want to do that really. Suppose wireless is better as she'll no doubt want to take it in her room. Any help apprerciated but nothing too technical please.
Thanks Chris.

  woodchip 18:40 18 Aug 2007

Best way would be to buy a new wireless Router Modem

click here Me I use a 3Com and found it very good

  crazychris 18:47 18 Aug 2007

More confused than ever.That's £99.99 on Amazon and some bad reviews. Any cheaper way?

  wee eddie 19:22 18 Aug 2007

with their latest Offer, which includes a Home Hub and is said to be £5.00 a month cheaper.

That should be the way to go and you get the Hub for free.

  beeuuem 19:26 18 Aug 2007

It depends where you site the router. Most if not all wireless routers are wireless in addition to cable connections. If it near/next to your PC you can use an ethernet cable connection to the PC and the laptop can use a wireless connection.
All reviews are subjective - I say X is wonderful and you say it is rubbish. It all depends on personal experience.

The router recommended by wooodchip has 4 ethernet connection points in addition the wireless connection.

As an aside, if Ebuyer (who are generally well regarded as a supplier) have the 3com router for £52 - 87 for a five day delivery why look at Amazon who would charge £105 - for for the same item?

Ebuyers own brand click here
is £33-86 with a three working day delivery.

  cream. 19:58 18 Aug 2007

The BT home hub has 2 ethernet connections. click here

So you could replace your existing router with the hub for £30 and join your dell machine by ethernet cable.

Your daughters laptop would just need either one of these.

If the laptop has a pcmcia slot, then click here would connect the laptop to the internet

Or you could use these. click here These just plug into the laptop and when configured will connect the laptop to the internet. You can also use the same usb wifi adapter on the dell machine.

  Technotiger 20:29 18 Aug 2007

I would advise you to contact BT Broadband and explain what you want to be able to do. You would most certainly be given for free a BT Home hub. You may need to upgrade your present BT Broadband but I would expect you to get same without further cost.

I know this because on this coming Tuesday I will be taking delivery of my own BT Home Hub on upgrading my BT Broadband from Option 1 to Option 3 at no extra cost.

  Technotiger 20:38 18 Aug 2007

PS the BT Home hub connects to your PC exactly the same as your present 210 Router, i.e. plugged into the same Ethernet connection as you are using at this moment.

The laptop would then connect wirelessly to the Home hub, proved that the laptop is wifi enabled.

  Technotiger 20:39 18 Aug 2007

proved ... should have read - provided

  Technotiger 20:42 18 Aug 2007
  crazychris 21:04 18 Aug 2007

Technotiger.Thanks but how come they're upgrading you from Option 1 to Option 3 at no extra cost? Option 3 is much dearer. Ours is Option 1, been on since March. Sounds quite simple then, the PC connected as now and the laptob wireless. I'm sure her laptop must be wifi enabled as she uses it on the school network.

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