How do i connect laptop wirelessly to router??

  originallyinsane 11:01 31 May 2009

I have a netgear DG834G router.

I have two computers, an old PC desktop that i connect to the router via ethernet, but i would like to connect a laptop to it wirelessly.

The laptop is a newish (less than 12 months old) toshiba, with a built in wireless card. When i search for the connection, i can see it there but i cant connect to it.

Can someone help me connect the laptop to the wireless network? What steps do i need to take or what settings do i need to change?

I know the router address is - but i dont know what i need to do in there (if any) to make the connection happen?

  originallyinsane 11:03 31 May 2009

I forgot to mention that it runs Vista OS.. dont know if that makes a difference?

  birdface 11:05 31 May 2009

Have you switched it on on the Grand daughter has to switch it on every time she uses hers.And her sisters connects automatically.

  birdface 11:10 31 May 2009

My grand daughter has to press the Fn button[Bottom left of keyboard] plus the F1 button to activate it.

  Strawballs 11:24 31 May 2009

If you can see the wireless but can't connect to it, does it have encrytion set up? if it is a ISP supplied router then you will probably find the encryption key on the botton of it.

Right click on the wireless icon next to the clock > choose your network then it should ask for you key.

  originallyinsane 11:28 31 May 2009

there is a serial number and MAC number on the bottom?

Is there anyway i can get the encryption key from the router address? It is an ISP supplied router.


  Strawballs 11:36 31 May 2009

If you access the router by putting that adress into the adress bar of you browser then going to the wireless security tab you should find what it is set up to there

  originallyinsane 11:42 31 May 2009

I'll have a go and see how i go. I just noticed i had my wireless access list turned on with no mac addresses in there, so that may have been the problem. When my housemate comes back i'll see if she can connect!

  originallyinsane 12:29 31 May 2009

Thanks - all working now!

  originallyinsane 12:40 31 May 2009

Thanks - all working now!

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