How Do I Connect This Card Reader?

  s99Raj 20:03 26 Sep 2006

I have an 8 in 1 Card reader (Model GO-C81LA) and an Asus A8V-E Deluxe Motherboard. The card reader has a connector with four small holes in it in a row but I can't see where to connect this on the motherboard.

What (on the motherboard) should I be looking for? I've tried looking for the obvious four pins in a row but can't see anything it clearly fits into - unless it's staring at me and I can't see for looking! Any ideas please?

  ed-0 20:09 26 Sep 2006

it feeds to the USB header on the motherboard. click here

On the motherboard you will find USB headers of a row of 4 and a row of 5. You use the row of 4.

  ed-0 20:23 26 Sep 2006

use the 4 pin connection on USB 56 or usb 78. click here

As you can see, your cable has 4 pins and a blank. You can't get it wrong, place the 4 pins on the 4 holes and the blank matches the extra 5 pin above it. So the both look symmetrical.

  s99Raj 20:30 26 Sep 2006

Thank you for that. I can see USB 56 and 78 but I see they're both being used. One goes to USB connectors to the front of the case and the other to the rear.

Do I have to remove one of them (which I don't really want to have to do), or is there another option?

  Gongoozler 20:40 26 Sep 2006

Hi s99Raj. The connector from the card reader is intended to go to a motherboad header as has already been pointed out, but there is a risk associated with this because there isn't a standard pin allocation for USB, and if you get the 5V in the wrong place you can instantly wreck the card reader, the motherboard or both. Your other option is to extend the cable with a length of USB cable with a standard USB connector on it, and plug it into a USB connector at the back of your computer. You will need to solder the cable extension on and be careful to insulate the conductors at the join. Depending on how the existing cable is attached to the card reader you might be able to just replace the cable.

  ed-0 20:41 26 Sep 2006

They are, as far as I can see, you're only spare full size usb headers. So you will have to sacrifice one of them.

" and the other to the rear "

You should have 4 USB ports at the rear of the computer. Do you know what the header to the rear connects to?

  ed-0 20:44 26 Sep 2006

" but there is a risk associated with this because there isn't a standard pin allocation for USB,"

They made the connector so they could not be any confusion. 4 connections and 1 blank. This fits on the 4 side of the usb header, with the blank matching the opposing 5 pin.

Idiot proof.:-)

  Gongoozler 21:05 26 Sep 2006

If the card reader and the motherboard are the same make there shouldn't be a problem. If they are different makes, and I believe the GO-C81LA is by Gigabyte and the motherboard is by ASUS, then the pinouts need to be checked.

  ed-0 21:09 26 Sep 2006

USB56 and USB78 connections are standard on any motherboard in the last 8 years.

All will have a 9 pin header, some of the old ones have a 10 pin header.

  Gongoozler 21:26 26 Sep 2006

Hi ed-0. I have checked, and they are compatible. I think that because of the implications if they are wrong it's worth spending a few minutes checking. I know that my motherboard isn't one of the latest, but my old Abit KT7 has the 5V next to the blank pin while my newer Asus A7V8X-X has the 0V next to the blank pin. So while I'm sure you're right and the manufacturers have taken the sensible step and unified the pinouts of USB headers, I'll continue to exercise and urge caution.

  ed-0 21:31 26 Sep 2006

Of course they are compatible.

Otherwise it would mean you could not use any internal connection, unless the device was specifically make by the motherboard manufacturer.

USB spans the world and each and every device and pin out must be compatible to the USB standard.

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