How do I configure norton to allow windows updates

  cdb 23:43 09 Sep 2004

Since windows updates went to V5, I can only access the downloads if I turn nortons firewall off. I've tried to set it to allow the site to load up, but it doesn't seem to want to let it.
Any ideas please?
Windows xp, sp2, amd athalon1800


  Andsome 07:48 10 Sep 2004

Are you sure this is Norton. When I try to download from the web since installing SP2, I hear a small noise. If I then look toward the top of the screen there is a message that the download has been stopped to protect the computer, and says click here for options. If this is what is happening to you, just click here as it says, and you can then select to download.

  cdb 00:44 11 Sep 2004

I'm positive it's Norton as if I disable the firewall I can then access the updates, if not I get an error on the windowsupdate page. It was doing this before I downloaded sp2.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:46 11 Sep 2004

double click on your Norton Firewall icon. On the SYSTEM STATUS screen, you should see a green tick with Personal Firewall to the right, and ON to the right of that. Click on Personal Firewall, and the right side should turn blue, giving you two boxes with options to configure or Turn Off. Click on configure then the programs tab on the next screen. All the internet enabled programs should list up(do nothing at this time). When all these programs are listed, look for Microsoft Windows update, and change it's Internet Access to Permit All, by clicking on the black down arrow. Click on OK and all should be ok....TT

  pc moron 01:50 11 Sep 2004

I use Norton Firewall and I don't have a problem accessing the Windows Update site (version 5)- I haven't customised the firewall in any way.

I can only suggest you add the Windows Update site to the Firewall's Trusted Zone- In my version it's under Personel Firewall> Configure> Networking.

  cdb 14:20 12 Sep 2004

Sory for the delay replying, my email was going to my junk mail folder and not showing up.

Terminator and pc moron, I've tried both of those suggestions already to no avail.
Thanx anyway

Any more ideas?

  cdb 15:29 13 Sep 2004

Anyone know the ip adress for windowsupdate? Norton won't recognise the http:// adress. :@

  Jackcoms 15:37 13 Sep 2004


Are you running both Norton firewall and XP SP2 firewall?

If you are, turn one of them off permanently (the choice is yours).

This may be the reason.

  cdb 15:40 13 Sep 2004

I've turned the xp firewall off. Although it shows as on at the front panel, but off when you go into the secrity centre. So is it on or off????

  cdb 17:19 13 Sep 2004

I think I've cured this.
After exstensive google use, several site suggested configuring Norton to allow access for svchost.exe on port 443. This and lots of other suggestions failed.
When I went back into the program list in Norton, there were two entries for Microsoft generic host process (both svchost.exe) one was set to custom and the other was set to block. I unblocked that one and guess what, I can access the windowsupdate site without turning Norton firewall off.

Thanx for you help

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