how do i completely wipe my computer

  craigchaos01 19:09 28 Apr 2004

after a w/end installing and unistalling lots of different software(freeware full of spyware and other unwantables) my pc is acting very unstable.I've tried cleaning my registry and spybot s&d to no avail.thers nothing of importance on the pc so i've decided i want to wipe my pc and start from scratch,but how??? Do i format my c drive whilst in xp or do i do it from the BIOS. Next Q. is do i have to reinstall the disc that came with my motherboard(intel express installer)1st, then my xp. also im set up for RAIDconfig, when does that go on. Im a novice user learning quickly and would appreciate any help preferably as simple as possible, but any would be great.

  Dan the Confused 19:17 28 Apr 2004

If I were you I would also run ad-aware first (make sure both spybot and ad-aware are upadated first).

Also, how did you clean your registry? I use 'Registry First Aid' and it keeps my system stable as I download a lot of freeware and shareware too.

  Dan the Confused 19:20 28 Apr 2004

And run a virus checker too.

  961 19:28 28 Apr 2004

Have you the operating system disk? e.g. Windows XP, or is your software on a recovery disk

Have you a driver disk for the sound, audio etc on your computer

What brand computer do you have and is it under warranty?

Have you tried "system restore" in Start...accesories...system tools, to a date before your troubles?

Don't start again without working out what the problem's not that easy

  craigchaos01 19:59 28 Apr 2004

i used advanced registry doctor think i got of pc advisor, there were 168probs that i fixed,after lots and lots of clicking it would only do 3 at a time.I tried a system restore but it didnt do any good , it came up that it was unable to restore to the date(it was only the previous days settings). I have all the discs including my sound, graphics, modem, git the heap. my pc isnt under warranty cause a friend to build after selecting all my components and case.before u ask my friend checked it all out for compatability. if i run the the xp disc at start up will reinstall over my existing and fix any problems, and get rid of bad entries in the egistry and replace deletd shared files

  Dan the Confused 20:53 28 Apr 2004

3 entries at a time? I admire your patience! You could always buy the full version... (Useful software to have).

I would still run Ad-Aware first but I can't help on reinstalling XP as I'm a Win98 user (yes, there are some of us left).

It still seems like using a hammer to crack a nut as unstable PCs are a common problem and will always happen from time to time so reinstalling isn't a practical solution.

However, I'm sure someone in the forum can give you details on how to do this.

  woodchip 20:57 28 Apr 2004

If you have a full XP CD you can start with CD not a REcovery CD and you can format the C:\ Drive then reinstall windowsXP but you will have to load not just software but all the Drivers for your Hardware

  Mister Splendid 21:19 28 Apr 2004

With a soft lint-free cloth!

  TommyRed 21:22 28 Apr 2004

Make sure you save 'My Favourites' as I had a nightmare trying to remember all mine after a bad crash. They'll fit on a floppy, go to File>Import and Export then click on Export Favourites it'll ask for a floppy to be inserted and Jill's your uncle. To put them back use Import when you've formatted. HTH TR

  woodchip 21:40 28 Apr 2004

You also need to save e-mail

  Mike2002 21:41 28 Apr 2004

I dreaded doing re-installations on my PC (Windows 98SE); loading Windows (half an hour just for that alone), then the Motherboard drivers, sound drivers, modem drivers, Internet Explorer. But the last occasion went extremely well. But then you have to install the 'essential' programs, like Anti-Virus, Firewall, install the security updates for Internet Explorer, set up your Internet and Outlook Express connections, install all your 'must have' programs, and finally do all those little individual settings and tweaks to make it just the way you like it be. It all takes ages.
My advice - if you decide to reformat and re-install - go for it. But FIRST get someone to Partition your hard-drive. Then you install a program like Drive Image, or Acronis True Image. When things go wrong, you can (literally) restore the whole lot in under ten minutes. That's how long it takes me on mine. I wouldn't be without it.

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