How do I clean my screen

  shortcircuited 19:44 22 Jan 2003
  shortcircuited 19:44 22 Jan 2003

My TFT monitor (I'm not showing off there, it just might make a difference) is filthy with fingerprints - and as soon as I find out whose, I'm gonna deal with them - as I havent cleaned it since last year.

How can I clean the monitor without damaging the screen, there are probably monitor cleaning products out there. But is there any other way of cleaning it in the meantime until i buy one of those things?


  bremner 19:47 22 Jan 2003

My first advice would be to closely follow the manufacturers instructions. Have a look at this earlier thread on the subject click here

  OBE-1 19:50 22 Jan 2003

use alittle vinegar and water on a damp cloth and gently clean the screen this will clean it a treat and it's cheep way to do it
ps not to much vinegar

  Djohn 19:53 22 Jan 2003

click here as well

  bremner 20:04 22 Jan 2003

I wouldn't use trix method for a TFT in Djohns link though particularly the rough stuff we used to get in school! Might be fine for a CRT but would probably damage a TFT.

  david4637 20:09 22 Jan 2003

I use a tiny drop of fairy liquid in a small glass of water, dip a tissue into the glass shake off surplus, and wipe gently - works well and removes finger prints. David

  Djohn 20:10 22 Jan 2003

bremner, good point! I failed to read the full post, found it on search and pointed shortcircuited to it. :o(

  STEVE71163 20:10 22 Jan 2003

I just use a very slightly damp cloth and then i buff it up with a bit of dry tissue. This seems to work a treat on my tft.

  shortcircuited 16:02 23 Jan 2003

Now thats solved my problem....................may you solve all yours :)

  RobberBaron 16:19 23 Jan 2003

I use a proprietary glass (window) cleaning solution - or sometimes a weak vinegar solution and buff with a soft cloth. It's just a piece of plastic, for God's sake, not a baby's bottom!

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