How do I check USB2 speed?

  lightfeet 23:24 19 Feb 2006

Have recently fitted a USB2 card on my computer running XP. My printer (Canon i850) & Scanner (Epson Perfection 3590) is connected to this card but I have not noticed any real improvement in speed over what I was getting with the original USB1 connection. Is there any way of checking that the USB2 is in fact working correctly?

  Djohn 00:59 20 Feb 2006

USB 2.0 will send the data to and from the printer/scanner much quicker than USB 1.1 but you will not notice much difference in speed if any at all because the final output or input is governed by the speed of the scanner or printer engines. Where you will notice the difference is the transfer of large files such as uploading of photos from your camera to your PC.

Easy way of telling is if you have a USB 2.0 peripheral such as scanner or printer connected to a 1.1 USB port, you'll see a pop-up message to inform you that its working at the lower speed. I too have the excellent Canon i850 and Lide 80 scanner both running through a USB 2.0 add on PCI card.

  keef66 14:19 20 Feb 2006

there's a utility called usbinfo. Current version is 2.0 but I think the earlier version 1.2 is available for a free trial period. Possibly from the tucows download site? I used it to determine that my usb 2.0 pci card wasn't working properly (the crashing Ipod was the other clue)

Also worth checking in device manager under usb; make sure there are no yellow exclamation marks, and that you have an enhanced controller in there somewhere. (although im my case all appeared well here)

USB 2.0 only makes a speed difference with large files eg photos, video, 500 mp3 tracks, backups to external HDD etc. Also needs the attached device to be usb 2.0

  Totally-braindead 17:33 20 Feb 2006

All you have to do is look under device manager under system under control panel, if it says enhanced it USB 2.0. Have to agree that you're unlikely to see any speed increase, sometimes the scanners can be a bit faster, depending on make/model, but as had been said they machines themselves can't work faster.

  lightfeet 22:43 20 Feb 2006

Thanks so much for your responses. Everything appears OK under Device Manager. Shall do a confirmation check with "usbinfo". Will now tick as resolved

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