how do i check my e drive for problems?

  daffy2 16:52 26 Apr 2003

this is my first time doing this so please bare with me....we have a cd-rewriter installed and it was working fine until 2 days ago. i can play music in the d drive when it should be the e drive.i've gone through all the ms help but have come up squat...can anyone help,please.

  Totally-braindead 16:54 26 Apr 2003

Are you saying that the e drive is now recognised as the d drive?

  woodchip 17:15 26 Apr 2003

Go to Control Panel, double click system icon click on Devise Manager click on the CDrom then click remove at the bottom of the dialogue screen restart your computer and it should reset you CDROM

  daffy2 22:01 27 Apr 2003

sorry TBD. I'm finding it difficult to get around this site. My d drive is now my e drive the d drive is now the new cd you follow that? The music plays from the d drive but if was playing from the e drive 4 nights ago.Now it's "inaccesable ,device not ready".neither will play in media player anymore but the d drive will play from "cd player" from accessories...????

  DieSse 22:05 27 Apr 2003

Please look in My Computer and tell us precisely what drives you have and what type they are listed as.

  dblspace 22:15 27 Apr 2003

sounds like he has a cdrom and a re-write hence
drive d and e.


  mrdsgs 22:25 27 Apr 2003

if both the cd drive and the cdrw drive are connected to the motherboard with cd audio cables you may have a conflict.

Thin, usually grey, wires from back of drive to sockets on motherboard (NOT the IDE ribbon cables or power connectors.

If both drives do have audio cables connected, diconnect the one from the cdrw drive and make sure the one from the cd drive is connected to "cd in" on the motherboard.

Reboot and you might be lucky!

the other issue of relettering drives ie easy to solve but the method depends on which operating system you are using.

good luck.

  DieSse 22:29 27 Apr 2003

Please don't do anything until you've told us about the drives - otherwise any help you may be given will be guesswork - might help, but might make things worse.

  daffy2 22:30 27 Apr 2003

dblspace is right thats what I have.d drive is cdrom disk e drive won't come up when i clicked properites.

  daffy2 22:44 27 Apr 2003

This might make it clearer the d drive is the re writer and the e drive is cd/dvd player...better?

  DieSse 00:59 28 Apr 2003

So - drive D (CD-Writer) will play audio disks, and drive E (DVD) will not - but it used to? correct?

Does drive E recognise a data CD or DVD when you put it in?

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