How do I change the name on a folder?

  pcbobby 18:04 08 May 2007

Using the advice of forum members, I was able to change the PC registration owner name, before passing the PC to a new owner.

However, the new owner informs me that, when viewing the DOCUMENTS & SETTINGS, he found two folders: All Users, and another still with my name on it.

When I tried to rename the folder, I am confronted with the message:
It is Windows system folder and it cannot be renamed!

Is there a way around this?


  fitshase 18:10 08 May 2007

You need to delete the user (your name) in Control Panel \ Users.

It will ask if you want to keep the documents, choose no and it will delete them.

  pcbobby 18:19 08 May 2007

This folder contains system items, like desktop, cookies, start menu, Favourites etc.
Do you think it wise to delete it?

  pcbobby 18:40 08 May 2007

I should have added in my thread.
For Windows to run properly, this system folder cannot be renamed!

  [email protected] 18:46 08 May 2007
  pcbobby 18:58 08 May 2007

Thank you for the info.
I have printed it of. Will read and see if my novice mind can handle it!

  fitshase 21:09 08 May 2007

The folder stores the "My Documents" of the user. Each user has their own folder and in it stores their documents, favourites, cookies, etc.

If that user is no longer using the computer, remove the user and delete the files using the control panel.

Have your friend log in using their login. Go to control panel and click on Users.

Click on the username that you want to delete.

Click on Delete this account

It will ask if you want to keep the things in the folders or delete them.

Choose to delete them and the user account and folders will be removed.

Windows will function normally.

  fitshase 21:13 08 May 2007

I should add that looking at your original post there should be 3 folders:-

All Users
Your Name
Your Friend's Name

Your friend should be added as a user (administrator) in Windows XP so they click on their name when Windows loads. That way they have their own folders, favourites, etc. Your friend would then login on their name and remove your account.

  pcbobby 05:56 09 May 2007

Thank you fitshase, now I understand.

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