How do I change my Operating System???

  dirk200! 20:39 22 Feb 2004

My computer came with XP pro already installed but I want to use it for gaming and so I have been advised to install an earlier version of windows so it will run more efficiently. I have a copy pf win98SE, how do I change it over????

  Chegs ® 20:43 22 Feb 2004

Insert a boot floppy,type "Format C:" and then you should be able to install the OS of choice.If you do this tho' there is no going back,a much better idea would be to create a dual-boot system.

  Terrahawk 20:47 22 Feb 2004

as chegs says dual boot would probably be your best option if you wish to use 98 though i use xp pro for gaming. You should have no probs provided you have a decent graphics card and a decent amount of memory and xp is far more stable than win 98se

  Paranoid Android 20:48 22 Feb 2004

Personally I would leave it. Windows XP is heaps more stable then windows 98, and I get similar frame rates in Quake 3 and Unreal to what I used to get in Windows 98.

However if you really want to ditch XP completely and change to 98, it will mean reformatting your hard disk (which will lose all your data) and setting everything up as a fresh install of Windows 98. You cannot simply convert.

You will need to get a windows boot disk. From this you would use fdisk to kill your old XP partition, re-partition and reformat the drive, then use the Windows 98 CD to run setup.

After this you would re-install all your apps and games.

You need to have any applications, games, data files and drivers safely stored on removable media or you will lose them.


  keith-236785 20:52 22 Feb 2004

Other than dual booting your computer, the only other way is to format your hard drive and then do a clean install of windows 98SE.

if you choose to dual boot then do a search on for "dual booting win98 & winxp".

if you choose to format your system, make absolutely sure before you do it, once done it cannot be undone (YOU WILL LOSE ALL DATA FROM YOUR HARD DRIVE)

while you still have internet connection, click here and download a win98SE startup disk. write to a floppy, i have found this the best start up disk to use.

i havent gone into much detail how to do anything, you need to make up your mind first. Before you do ANYTHING, click start/all programs/accessories/system tools/system information, and make a note of ever bit of hardware in your system (you can print it out if you want "file/print"). go on the internet and download the drivers for win98, write to floppy or cd,then you should have no great problems later.

come back if you need more help

good luck

  Paranoid Android 20:52 22 Feb 2004

PS If you decide to dual boot you cannot simply install Windows 98 alongside Windows XP, because Windows 98 will override your boot record. To do this without completely reinstalling Windows XP you would need a 3rd part boot manager such as PQ Bootmagic.


  Mysticnas 21:22 22 Feb 2004

Don't bother changing. You're warrenty may well become void if you remove the OS that came installed with your PC. Also you may have several issues, as the hardware you have in your PC may not be supported by Win98.

There's so many things to go wrong. I've used XPpro for ages. I do a lot of gaming, and other media stuff such as generating and rendering 3D models/animation, video editing etc. You shouldn't have any problems?

If you have an old game you'd like to play that you find doesn't work well with XP then you can get it to run in a Win98 mode. You can do this by right clicking the game .exe file in the program files folder and opening up properties.

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