How do I change my CD Rewriter to a DVD Rewriter?

  weeme 21:59 28 Mar 2007

I think I have gone and done something really stupid! I bought a new Sony HDD Camcorder thinking I could burn the footage onto a DVD to watch in my DVD player. After spending hours wondering why the movie wasn't burning onto a disc I finally realised that I have a CD Rewriter and not a DVD Rewriter on my PC.
Please can someone tell me if and how I can replace the CD RW for a DVD RW?? Also can a DVD Rewriter burn CD's?? Simple terminology please.......Thanks.

  Pamy 22:08 28 Mar 2007

buy a DVD writer of your choice and take out your CD writer and put in your new DVD writer and yes it will almost certanly burn CD's

  Technotiger 22:08 28 Mar 2007

Hi, if you have a spare bay in your pc, you can easily fit a dvd rw drive in addition to your cd rw drive - or simply replace your cd rw with a dvd rw. Yes a dvd drive can also burn cd's.

  phono 22:09 28 Mar 2007

You certainly can exchange a CD Rewriter with a DVD Rewriter but you can also have both installed, providing of course, you have the physical space in the case for the second drive and a spare connection on an IDE cable.

It is not too difficult to fit a second drive but you may also need DVD burning software, PCA actually had Ashampoo CD/DVD burning software on a recent cover DVD, I can't vouch for it as I personally use Nero burning software.

As to your second point, a DVD Rewriter will burn CDs without problem.

Give me a while and I will try and locate a website with easy CD/DVD drive installation instructions.

  phono 22:10 28 Mar 2007

That's it, I'm taking typing lessons. ;^)

  weeme 22:11 28 Mar 2007

Thanks for the swift response. Could I just ask another quick question please?? Today I bought DVD+R and DVD-R not knowing which I should use (until I discovered I couldn't burn DVD's at all...). Which should I use or will either work? Thanks.

  phono 22:13 28 Mar 2007

Have a look at click here here click here and click here

for instructions with pictures, it really is quite easy if you take the plunge.

  Pamy 22:16 28 Mar 2007

The latest drives will burn to any, but I always use -R as I find they are compatible with mt "under the TV DVD player"

  phono 22:18 28 Mar 2007

If you buy a drive that will read/write + and - DVDs you can use either, I suspect that most drives produced now are compatible with both formats.

It may also be advisable to ensure you get a Dual Layer drive, although they are probably the norm now as well, here's a good source for drives and media click here I purchased two Sony Dual Layer DVD-RWs from them for around £20 each a while back.

  weeme 22:20 28 Mar 2007

Thank you so much phono but I have looked at the 'easy guides' you suggest and thought I was going to vomit with fear! I will speak to a neighbour who is apparently a computer whizz and ask him if he will help me. He may need to rely on the guides himself if he hasn't done it before.

  phono 22:20 28 Mar 2007

Whoops, forgot about that, as Pamy quite rightly said, if you wish to play back with your domestic DVD player you will need to check what media it can handle as well.

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