How do I centre my web page in the browser?

  Pineman100 14:40 07 Apr 2006

I've just started trying to write a simple website, using Serif Web Plus 8.0. It all seems pretty straightforward - not much different from using a DTP package. Except for one thing: when I try out my first page in Internet Explorer, the page is always offset to the left of the browser window.

The page size I am using for the web page is A4 - in other words, 21cm wide x 29.7cm deep.

Can anyone please explain how to format my web page in such a way that it centres in the browser window? As you will have guessed, I am a complete novice to this, and I am as fluent in HTML as I am Mandarin Chinese (ie: not!).

  ade.h 15:44 07 Apr 2006

I could give you some HTML with instructions on how to include it, provided by Net Objects support (I use NOF, which centres only for IE, hence the extra HTML), but would you be okay to follow it? Serif ought to have the same kind of centreing option as NOF, which is as simple as checking a box in the layout properties.

  Pineman100 18:20 08 Apr 2006

Ade h. Thanks for the offer, but I really can't handle html. Can you tell me a bit more about the centring option in NOF? Maybe I've missed something in Web Plus.

John - is "Proportional Site" a setup option that I should be hunting for? I haven't spotted it so far in Web Plus.

I'm very grateful for your help, both.

  ade.h 18:59 08 Apr 2006

I can't handle HTML either - I only started learning it a couple of weeks ago - but inserting a bit of pre-written code at pre-defined points is quite easy.

As for NOF's centreing option; what I tell you about it won't relate to Serif of course, but NOF has a properties pallette that is always on display and its content changes according to what region or object you last clicked on. The layout properties includes a check box to centre the page, which is available only when dynamic page layout is used. Dynamic page layout creates hidden tables to position objects, while fixed page layout relies on layers instead. Tables allow for dynamic content and can be created manually as well. Grab your browser's edge and move it inwards right now, and you'll see how dynmaic tables can work to centre a page.

  Pineman100 07:58 09 Apr 2006 you both.

I'll have a good fiddle around with both ideas. Provided Web Plus offers one or both options, that should solve my problem.

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