How do i Burn Dvd's using Neo 6?

  triflesterms 10:57 25 Dec 2007

Ive just tried to burn a film but cant see option for burning dvd, only dvd or image??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:08 25 Dec 2007

If your using NVE it should be very self explanitory as the windows actually
walk you thru it but here are the basic steps

1) Launch NVE. On the very first window the top option of "What do you want
to do" is Make DVD, I always select DVD vidoe from the 2 choices.
2) Once you make that choice the next window gives you the options for
adding the vid files and creating chapters. When done hit next
3) chose and create menus if you want em (for more menu templates visit nero
site) then hit next
4) next window will give you preview of how the disc will play, I never mess
with this window and just click next
5) at this window you get choices of burn to DVD burn to file folder etc. I
personally prefer to make mine using the write to HD files/folders and do
burn to DVD out of Nero BR but you can do it directly from NVE if you wish.
Reason I do it this way tho is so I can use a proggy like Windvd to open DVD
from folder to make sure audio is insync before I burn a disc thats not. I
usually only have problems with audio sync on HD pal captured and converted
to Xvid as the base AVI. Sometimes NVE does great but others the audio will
start going out about 50% thru.

For burning directly out of NeroBR
Open Nero, select DVD video as your choice, click new. You will get a 2
panel explorer type window. One side lists the new compilation your making
and the other side lists your HD's. browse to where you made the dvd on hd,
open the videots folder select the files and drag them to the Video_ts
folder on new compilation and then simply select the burn button and your

  eedcam 11:21 25 Dec 2007

If you have nero version express make sure it's Version 3 if it's not get the free upgrade form ner. Also what format is your film in .Personally Ithink you'd be better off using a freebie like DVD flick
click here

  triflesterms 13:54 25 Dec 2007

i couldnt see options for nero apart from burn dvd video files, would this be what i need to go into?

Ive tried dvd flick, its took 50min just to encode audio & video, now its just hanging in combine??

Is there any burners out there that would do it alot faster?


  triflesterms 14:17 25 Dec 2007

after all that time dvd flick didnt work, its put nothing on the disc??

  eedcam 14:23 25 Dec 2007

It all depends what you are trying to do what format is your original file ,.Its not the burning that takes the time its rendering and /or converting the files prior to burning .Doubt nero would be any quicker
As for nero you should have something like this come up[IMG]click here[/IMG]

Or this
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  triflesterms 14:30 25 Dec 2007

i do have that nero, but not sure where to click?
Ive just tried to erase dvd & i got messga saying its illegal???
the file is DVDRip.XviD

  [email protected] 14:49 25 Dec 2007

try imgburn in build mode,
click here 1.50mb

  eedcam 15:01 25 Dec 2007

Just follow Fruitbats info .the burning is not the problemits the converting before burning burning Have alook on this forum
click here

  triflesterms 11:11 26 Dec 2007

Ive tried to do with nero but i cant see video file in folder??
The same with imgburn?
Cant see file.

  triflesterms 13:09 26 Dec 2007

Ive tried to do with nero but i cant see video file in folder??
The same with imgburn?
Cant see file.

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