How do i boot from my cd rom

  mikecav 19:29 08 Nov 2004

I can't boot directly fron my cd rom drive .If i have to install win 2000 for instance i have to get to a c: prompt by useing a win 98 start up disk.I am trying to run SUSE Linux live dvd which runs of a dvd but you have to boot the pc with the dvd and of course it boots strait into windows.I have altered the bios settings to boot from cd and disabled quick power on to give the dvd drive more time to spin up but still no joy.Any one got an answer. Mike

  concretepigsy 20:11 08 Nov 2004

you need to change the first boot device in your bios.

when your computer starts you need to press f5 or f6 or f8 to get into the bios screen. In that screen you will fing the boot device setup screen. scroll through until you get your cd rom drive as the first boot device. Then save the changes and reboot. the computer will then boot from your cd drive.

When you have finished loading what you need, dont forget to change the bios setting back to what it was.

  ton 20:12 08 Nov 2004

Have you set the bios to boot from CD FIRST (or BEFORE the hard drive)?

  Graham ® 20:19 08 Nov 2004

A CD drive can't read a DVD.

  mikecav 20:20 08 Nov 2004

thanks TON & CONCRETEGIPSY for your peply but if you read my post you will see that i have already tried your sugestion

  mikecav 20:22 08 Nov 2004

Yes sorry Graham i should have said that my cd rom drive is a dvd rw

  Dan the Confused 20:33 08 Nov 2004

Do you get an error message when it tries to boot from the CD drive? It will appear briefly before continuing to load Windows.

  Graham ® 20:34 08 Nov 2004

Have you re-checked in BIOS, you may have exited without saving changes.

  chris05 20:42 08 Nov 2004

I had a problem like this before, it was wiered if you have two ide disk drives disconnect one and leave the one you want to run the disk (i.e. the drive that can read dvds)on as master at the end of the ide cable I know this sounds messed up but for some reason it worked for me maybe it will for you.

  Buchan 35 20:55 08 Nov 2004

when you changed the BIOS to put CD first in line did you go on to put Floppy disc third in line. I think you know enough to leave the second entry alone. If you"ve done this I cannot help any further

  mikecav 21:30 08 Nov 2004

Thanks Chris05 i will try this

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