How do I Backup Pre-Installed Operating System

  buckeye 08:58 21 May 2012

Whats the best Software for backing up Files and Operating System on HP Pavilion Slimline..OS is pre installed..running Vista 32 bit.

  johndrew 10:11 21 May 2012

My preference would be Acronis True Image. You can buy it at Amazon as well.

  rdave13 10:16 21 May 2012

I prefer Paragon Hard disk manager 12 but it's each to their own. Easus Todo backup is free but I've never used it so can't recommend or otherwise.


  KRONOS the First 10:34 21 May 2012

+1 for EasusToDo, Acronis has become far to bloated.

  Nontek 11:13 21 May 2012

Usually pre-installed OS already come with OS Backed-up, on 'hiddden' partition.

But for normal Full Backups, Acronis True Image is my choice.

  buckeye 11:13 21 May 2012

OK guys...will all of these definetly restore my OS

  lotvic 12:09 21 May 2012

For the O/S Vista, You should have HP Recovery Manager application which gives you a menu of choices to restore.

Perhaps you have never burnt your Recovery DVD's? (2 DVD's that take you back to Factory Restore) you can only do this once as then the option disappears on HP slimline.

Disconnect from the Internet and close all other software. Creating recovery discs is a resource-intensive process. Click Start , and then All Programs . Click PC Help & Tools and then Recovery Disc Creation to start the program. A Welcome screen opens.

Rest is on (with screenshots) Creating the Recovery Disc Set (Windows Vista)

  robin_x 12:45 21 May 2012

Windows and personal data can be precious.

Best advice is use two of methods.

Make Recovery DVDs (recovery partition leave intact)

Then make Image Backup and do that every 2 weeks or monthly. (sometimes I have done it daily, when fiddling with OS)

Easeus/Macrium/Paragon/Acronis/DiscWizard/WDAcronis are the apps to use (+make a boot CD/DVD)

W7 Backup and HP also have solutions. Personally I think they cause problems.

Easeus/Macrium my favourites.

And of course you need a £50-100 ext USB HDD for proper imaging.

If you don't have one, get one or budget for one.

  lotvic 13:14 21 May 2012

Agree with robinofloxley, that's what I do. I then have the option of 'Back to Factory' - or with an image of my C:\, back to 'up and working in half an hour' with no configuring/tweaking/reinstalling programs I've added, to do. Personal Data I keep on a separate harddrive anyway and also back that up/copy it separately.

  buckeye 21:37 21 May 2012

I have a 500GB external HD ( Seagate ) which I am going to use for Backup Is it OK ?

  lotvic 22:42 21 May 2012

Ext HDD is perfect for backups as long as it is big enough for your data.

Have you decided which program to use yet?

If any of your harddrives are Seagate or Maxtor then you can get a free DiskWizard program (it's actually a version of Acronis) download from Seagate site

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