How do i back up?

  tAtu*! 19:22 03 Apr 2006

please can anyone tell me how to back my system up? I have my computer running well at the moment with some good programs downloaded, I would like to know how to back up my system should i be unfortunate enough to find the need to do so! I am running XP home at present.


  mediaman1957 20:24 03 Apr 2006

If you have a DVD-+ R/RW you can use Nero to back up or if you have a 2nd hard drive you can use that as well

  VoG II 20:27 03 Apr 2006

You can use Windows Backup click here but it won't backup directly to as CD. You have to backup to your hard drive then burn the backup to a CD.

  ade.h 20:40 03 Apr 2006

There are many ways to perform a system installation backup - cloning the C: partition to an external hard-disk, imaging it to optical media, and so on. Most people use Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image for these tasks.

Your budget for additional hardware and/or software is infuential in this. What would you be happy to spend?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:52 03 Apr 2006

IF you fancy some reading, take a look at click here - it is a little complex for the beginner, but really well worth the effort.

  mole44 21:36 03 Apr 2006

i backup both external and c drive to another internal drive with ghost every week,easy to do and saves depression when things go pear shaped.

  terryf 00:36 04 Apr 2006

click here for a method of backing up all emails, accounts, browser data and lots of other things. This should be additional to using something like click here to a separate hard drive not a partition of your main C drive. I use an external usb drive and keep all data, docs, pics etc on No. 2 (D) drive so that the only things on C are OS, email and progs. Email I back up with EA8, the C drive with Acronis, I can reload OS and progs in about 15 mins

  Madpad_001 06:36 04 Apr 2006

I use Windows briefcase to back my documents up.

To back all my emials (I use outlook & Incredimail)I export them as a .PST file. I put the PST file into my documents in a folder labeled Email backup.

To backup my internet Bookmarks (I use Mozilla) I click on bookmarks, manage bookmarks, file, export. I save the file again in My Documents. (I know you can do the same in IE.)

On your main drive (C:) or better still on a sperate drive create a briefcase folder do this by right clicking slecting new then clicking on briefcase. Open up the folder the first time it will poen a wizzard asking what files you want to put into the briefcase. I put most of the files from my Documents in there. To keep briefcase upto date I simply right click and slect update then follow the on screen instuctions.

Once A mth I also backup the briecase folder onto DVD so I always have a fall back plan if for what ever reason my PC goes totaly bad.

hope this all makes sence


  tAtu*! 19:17 04 Apr 2006

thanks everyone for getting back to me, I am going to buy a new external hard drive anyway, so I can back up on to this. Would i still need a program like Norton Ghost or Acronis to back up my data on my external hard drive??


  Diodorus Siculus 19:36 04 Apr 2006

[quote]Would i still need a program like Norton Ghost or Acronis to back up my data on my external hard drive?[/quote]

Yes, it would be very helpful - just be sure that the version you buy will work with external disks and the type of connection you have (firewire / USB2).

  tAtu*! 19:38 04 Apr 2006

Thanks, will do!

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