how do I appear invisible in WindowsLive Messenger

  grrrr 20:47 08 Oct 2006

Hi there! I have Windows Live Messenger and what I want to know is this: How do I appear to be off-line or invisible to just SOME of my contacts? I want to be able to talk to just one or two people without other people knowing I am online, and without being bombarded by messages from those people I DON'T want to talk to at the moment. Is there a way to do this???? I know you can block contacts - does anyone know how this appears to to the person being blocked? Do they KNOW you have blocked them or do you just appear offline? Thanx!

  rsinbad 21:04 08 Oct 2006

Rght click on the messenger in the taskbar/my status and select appear off line. let your freind know you have done this,

  grrrr 21:16 08 Oct 2006

OK, thanx for that! Still seems a bit rubbish though! You'd have thought Messenger could do a bit better than that...

  zincy 21:24 08 Oct 2006

yeah msn cant really do what you asking for. Best bet is do as rsinbad says, and u can still msg ur frds offline. Having said this though, it seems to me that sometimes msgs dont get sent and bounce back when you do it in this mode.

  rsinbad 21:25 08 Oct 2006

Well they do offer several options, can't see any other alternatives they could offer. There is an option to block other members should you wish to do that; but they will know that you have blocked them.

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